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The original Fantasti-Car was the Fantastic Four's first vehicle after they went public as a team of super-powered adventurers. It was affectionately referred to as the Flying Bathtub.

It was used for both missions and everyday life as they used it to return from the Miracle Man's magic show in civilian clothes and then later when they donned their costumes to stop him.[1] It was eventually replaced by the Fantasti-Car MK II.[2]

The car was aquired by Shanna the She-Devil and used to travel between the Savage Land and New York City.[3]

Fantasti-Car MK I from Fantastic Four Vol 1 3 0001.jpg

Many years later the Fantasti-Car MK I fell into Deadpool's possession and was used by Commander Steve Rogers and the Mercs for Money to search Manhattan for Madcap.[4]


  • Can carry about 1200 pounds at up to 60 mph for 200 miles.
  • Breaks into four compartments capable of 30 mph speeds for up to 100 miles.

Alternate Universes

Super Hero Squad

The Fantastic Four uses this vehicle for transportation.

The Fantasti-Car of Earth-91119.

Old Man Logan

The Fantasti-Car of Earth-807128.

In Earth-807128, the Hulk Gang drove around in an old Fantasti-Car on their missions to collect rent in their territories. They'd modified it a bit with green spray paint on the front, featuring sayings like "Dead and 4-Gotten", and "Banners Un-4 Given".[5]

Logan later used this car packed full of C-4 to blow up the Hulk Gang's encampment, killing most of them in the process.[6]


  • The Fantasti-Car was generally used for inner-city transportation and kept around almost solely for sentimental purposes.
  • More commonly known as the Flying Bathtub.
  • Other prototypes of the "Flying Bathtub" exist such as the Fantasti-Car depicted in Marvel Team-Up #1.

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