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| TeamLeaders = [[Namor McKenzie (Earth-917)|Namor]]
| TeamLeaders = [[Namor McKenzie (Earth-917)|Namor]]
| CurrentMembers = [[Benjamin Grimm (Earth-917)|The Thing]],[[Jonathan Storm (Earth-917)|Human Torch]],[[Reed Richards (Earth-917)|Mister Fantastic]],[[Susan Storm (Earth-917)|Invisible Woman]]
| CurrentMembers = [[Benjamin Grimm (Earth-917)|The Thing]], [[Jonathan Storm (Earth-917)|Human Torch]], [[Reed Richards (Earth-917)|Mister Fantastic]], [[Susan Storm (Earth-917)|Invisible Woman]]
| FormerMembers =
| FormerMembers =
| Allies = [[Harvey Elder (Earth-917)|Mole Man]]
| Allies = [[Harvey Elder (Earth-917)|Mole Man]]
| Enemies = [[Victor von Doom (Earth-917)|Doctor Doom]]
| Enemies = [[Victor von Doom (Earth-917)|Doctor Doom]], [[Dragon Man (Earth-917)|Dragon Man]], [[Harvey Elder (Earth-917)|Mole Man]], [[Kl'rt (Earth-917)|Super-Skrull]]
| Origin =
| Origin =

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Fantastic Five
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Fanstastic Four
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