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Quote1.png ...which is why, until I've managed to get it back together... ...I'm handing the reins over to Uncle Johnny! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Judge of all the Earth"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jim (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Danny (First and only known appearance; dies)

Races and Species:



  • Omnivirus

Synopsis for "Judge of all the Earth"

The Black Panther has returned to New York in a fury after hearing that Vibraxas was responsible for the death of a young gang member during one of Fantastic Force's recent battles. Huntara steps in to try and defend the actions of Vibraxas, and the two get into an argument until the Human Torch breaks it up, and announces that he is the new leader of Fantastic Force.

Meanwhile at Empire State University, Psi-Lord and his Ego-Spawn and Tattletale aspects are being examined by Professor Sandor when suddenly Franklin's powers flare up again, bringing into reality his Avatar aspect. Sandor continues his examination and discovers that all these constructs are psycho-plasmic entities, or Etheroids. Franklin is troubled because the dampers on his powers are worse than he suspected. When Professor Sandor asks how progress is going in recovering the Omnivirus, Franklin regretfully informs him that they haven't made much progress in that regard. Issac informs the various constructs as to what the Omnivirus is, warning that in the wrong hands it can cause a great deal of destruction. Meanwhile at a military watch facility in Alaska, two soldiers lament over how boring their job is when suddenly they are struck by a sudden and fatal illness that strikes them dead, victims of the Omnivirus. After they have died, Zarathustra and her minions teleport into the facility and take control of the nuclear weapons that are kept there, the first step in her master Lord Moses' plan to create heaven on Earth.

Back in New York, Franklin and his aspects return to the Soho loft belonging to Fantastic Force to the Human Torch and Huntara in the middle of a squabble. While the others try to pull them apart, the Avatar uses his mental powers to calm everyone down. Franklin explains that the Human Torch has been asked to join the team at his behest. This leads to more protests from the Black Panther who is unimpressed with Psi-Lord's track record for the team that he is financially backing, especially in light of the recent loss of life. Franklin agrees with T'Challa's recriminations, explaining that until his mental condition has improved he will be turning over reins of the team to his Uncle Johnny. Johnny agrees with this, having been in Franklin's head recently he knows the vision that the youth has for the team. Johnny then states that his first order of business as leader is to track down and recover the Omnivirus. With this the Ego-Spawn pipes in and pulls up a mental image of Mount Ararat in Turkey, explaining that this is the vital clue they were looking for which Franklin overlooked when scanning the minds of Zarathustra's captured minions.

After preparing for their mission, Huntara opens a portal to the complex hidden within Mount Ararat. Johnny then leads the Fantastic Force through the portal, they recognize the soldiers inside as the same ones they battled at Empire State University when the Omnivirus was first stolen. Soon Zarathustra joins the battle and locks weapons with Huntara who is eager for a rematch against her female foe. However the Fantastic Force overwhelm Zarathustra and she is eventually knocked out by the Black Panther. However as Johnny is congratulating the team on a job well done, suddenly Lord Moses teleports into the room and blasts Fantastic Force into unconsciousness.

Appearing in "Goodbye Farewell and Amen"

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Synopsis for "Goodbye Farewell and Amen"

Just prior to going on their mission to search for the Omnivirus, the Human Torch orders his teammates to get ready. Left alone, the Black Panther asks the Torch if there was anything Vibraxas could have done to prevent the loss of life on a previous mission. Johnny tells T'Challa to stop second guessing himself, reminding him that the rest of the team knows the stakes at hand. Still T'Challa wonders if the group is being excessive, particularly since he has been financially backing them. He also questions if the group still belongs together now that the Fantastic Four have reunited. Johnny points out that there is always room for more to be doing good, pointing out that despite the mistakes Fantastic Force has made in the past, they also saved countless lives during their recent battles against the Super-Adaptoid as well as the Crimson Cadre. Johnny hopes that with his past experience as a hero, perhaps he can help them find their place.

Elsewhere in the headquarters, Devlor thanks Vibraxas for saving his life during their previous mission, wondering why he bothered. N'Kano explains that while he dislikes Devlor he does not wish to see him dead. When Devlor asks if Vibraxas is sick or something, N'Kano explains he is of ill heart, having to deal with the fact that he needs his power pack to regulate his powers, and because he lost control for a brief instant it cost someone their life. He confides in Devlor explaining that when his powers first manifested they shattered every bone in his body. However he feels that this is nothing compared to the loss of life and the loss of faith from his king. As Devlor leaves N'Kano alone, he realizes how much of a jerk he has been to Vibraxas in the past. Recalling how during their fight with Go-Devil, Vibraxas said they were more alike than they are different. Devlor begins to realize that there is a lot of truth to what he was saying. Devlor still wonders what sort of fall out he will face from his people for defying the Crimson Cadre and his king. His hopes for a sense of family and adventure have also been dashed since the only person on the team he trusted is stepping down and putting the Torch in his place.

Later, Franklin meets with Huntara and he and his three aspects convince her that choosing Johnny as the leader of the team was the right idea. After the group departs, Psi-Lord decides to find a solution to his problem by going back to the place where he first learned to control his powers: Elsewhen. Activating his Psycho-Armor, he opens a portal back to this realm and he and his constructs dive in.


Continuity Notes

Judge of all the Earth!

  • T'Challa is furious that Vibraxas accidentally killed a young gang member in self defense back in Fantastic Force #6.
  • The Human Torch has decided to join the team and act as leader due to the fact that Franklin started manifesting constructs of his other identities starting last issue starting with Tattletale.
  • Reference is made to the stolen Omnivirus, which was taken from Professor Sandor by Zarathustra back in Fantastic Force #2.
  • Franklin originally pulled the image of Mount Ararat out of the minds of Zarathustra's minions back in Fantastic Force #3.

Goodbye Farewell and Amen

  • Johnny mentions that he wasn't much older than Devlor when he first became a hero. Johnny was just 16 years old when he first got his powers back in Fantastic Four #1.
  • Johnny mentions the Fantastic Force's battle with the Super-Adaptoid and Crimson Cadre which occurred in Fantastic Force #4 and 8 respectively.
  • Devlor mentions how Vibraxas saved his life when he was lit on fire during their fight with the Human Torch during last issue.

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