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Appearing in "A Force of One"

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  • Abyss
  • Diablo's hideout



Synopsis for "A Force of One"

After secretly being knocked out by Diablo, Franklin finds himself in what appears to be the apocalyptic future he grow up with fighting alongside his aunt Huntara against the forces of Arachinoids of Metabelius 3. As the battle begins, Franklin is completely unaware that this is merely an illusion and that he is really trapped in hell and battling demons on behalf of Diablo. On Earth, Diablo watches Psi-Lord's progress through his flaming brazer. With the rest of Fantastic Force imprisoned in crystals he gloats over his eventual overthrow and conquest of hell. He recounts how centuries ago he tried to sell his soul to Mephisto for immortality, but the demon tricked him forcing him to rely on using the alchemical formula to prolong his life. Learning how Franklin Richards -- in his youth -- once used his powers to destroy Mephisto he decided to orchestrate events so he could manipulate the boy into doing the job for him. Part of his plan was enthralling She-Hulk to do his bidding and maneuver the team into a vulnerable position for him to strike and capture them all.

While the candle forcing Franklin's illusions begins to wear off, Diablo mentally contacts his minion and has "her" spray Franklin with more of the formula to maintain his hallucinations. Watching all this unfold, Devlor pushes his body to the limit triggering a transformation into his bestial form, shattering the crystal he has been trapped in. Devlor then frees She-Hulk and Vibraxas and is about to attack Diablo, when he learns -- painfully -- that She-Hulk is still under his thrall. While in Hell, Franklin finally sees through the deception and prevents himself from behind dosed by another hallucination-inducing gas and uses his psi-powers to seemingly destroy the demon posing as his aunt Huntara.

Back on Earth, the Fantastic Force manage to fight off She-Hulk and when Diablo tries to escape they manage to snag him and destroy all the potions he carries on his body in order to prevent him from using them to evade capture. They then threaten him to return Franklin, so Diablo opens a portal to return Franklin home. Believing the boy has succeeded in his mission, Diablo then dives through the portal only to see an army of frenzied demons waiting for him on the other side. Back at She-Hulk's apartment, the members of Fantastic Force are cleaning up the mess when they are suddenly visited by the members of the Fantastic Four who suddenly have a surprise: Mister Fantastic has been found alive and well and is back. Franklin is happily reunited with his father whom he believed to be dead for so many long months.

Solicit Synopsis

LAST ISSUE! Franklin Richards' power is unleashed against the all-new Diablo & his benefactor, the Mephistoid! Will the return of Reed Richards dissolve the Fantastic Force? Fans of the FANTASTIC FOUR should tune in to learn the fate of the Human Torch!


Continuity Notes

  • Diablo is seeking to use Franklin to destroy Mephisto because Franklin's younger self used his powers to do so (albeit briefly) back in Fantastic Four #277.
  • She-Hulk recalls how Diablo enthralled her and tried to make her steal the Guardian of Chthon statue. She was enthralled in Fantastic Force #12 and tried to steal the statue the following issue.
  • Following the disbanding of Fantastic Force each member is next seen during the following:

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