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Quote1.png The Terrible Trio! Boy, you torpedoes are really slumming, huh? Evicting old people? Guess when your only employment reference is Doc Doom, you gotta take what you can get, huh? Quote2.png
The Thing

Appearing in "4 Yancy Street"

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  • Marvel-1 (Destruction in recap) (Unnamed)

Synopsis for "4 Yancy Street"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• The first of a series of regular essential releases expanding on the ongoing legend of the Fantastic Four and their world!

• The FF are now living on Yancy Street, but not all of their neighbors are happy about that.

• The Thing investigates a nasty piece of vandalism that conjures up painful old memories as he takes a trip down memory lane through the Lower East Side and it’s made all the more dangerous by…THE TERRIBLE TRIO!


  • This issue mistakenly credits Esad Ribić for the cover.

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