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Synopsis for "Atlantis Rising!"

Nathaniel Richards teleports himself within the Watcher's citadel hoping to gather the advanced technology hidden there. However as he passes a monitor he notices that it is recording Atlantis rising from beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Richards realizes that he is witnessing the greatest geological event in history. Down on the surface of the Earth, Atlantis continues to rise thanks to a spell cast by Morgan le Fay, who seeks to raise the land of her mystical ancestors. In the waves below, the Sub-Mariner is battling it out with his friend, the Inhuman known as Triton, who is still under Morgan's thrall. As Triton is defeated, Namor's ally Sean Dolan points out that Triton is still "bleeding" mystical energies and needs immediate medical attention or he will die. With no other choice, Namor takes Triton and Dolan and flies away. Meanwhile below the surface of the ocean Llyron, the current ruler of Atlantis, has managed to get many of his people to safety. When figuring out the death toll, Lord Vashti informs Llyron that 60% of their population has been wiped out by the event. Furious, Llyron blames Namor and vows to kill him on sight.

Meanwhile in New York City, the Human Torch is out on a date with his current girlfriend, Laura Green, when their date is interrupted by a fantasti-flare calling the members of the Fantastic Four to action. Apologizing for breaking off their date, Johnny flies off to Four Freedoms Plaza. Unbeknownst to Johnny, Laura Green is actually his estranged wife -- the shape-shifting skrull Lyja. When the Torch is out of sight she drops her Laura Green disguise and then turns into a bird in an attempt to follow after him. At Four Freedoms Plaza, the Invisible Woman is taking a call from the US Navy who are requesting the team's assistance in investigating the sudden surfacing of Atlantis. With the Avengers away on a separate mission, the Fantastic Four are stuck dealing with the crisis on their own. As the group prepares for the coming mission, Kristoff and Ant-Man squabble with each other. Kristoff's aide Boris secretly enjoys the disagreement, as he believes that the constant in-fighting among the members of the team's members will allow him to destroy them that much easier.

Back on the moon, the Inhuman Genetic Council also learns of the raising of Atlantis. The Inhumans have ancestral ties to Atlantis and, at the prospect of others seeking to claim the island, they begin discussing what course of action to take. Meanwhile, at the Watcher's Citadel, Nathaniel Richards continues his search and accidentally trips off a security device. It activates a massive sphere that creates a powerful vacuum sucking in all objects into it. While Nathaniel fights to prevent himself from being sucked in, the sphere also wracks the Inhuman capital of Attilan with massive earthquakes. Richards manages to teleport back to his base in Latveria moments before the Watcher's entire Citadel is sucked into the sphere. However, with the building now gone, the sphere also begins sucking up the atmosphere around the Blue Area. With the fragile atmosphere around Attilan at risk of being compromised, the Genetic Council decide to take the Terrigen Mist and return to Earth in an attempt to claim Atlantis for themselves. When they learn that a human was responsible for Atillan's wreckage, they also dispatch the Crimson Cadre and an Atmo-Gun to Earth with the intent of avenging their people by wiping out the entire human race.

In Bristol England, Triton receives medical attention at a hospital. As they watch over their injured friend, Namor and Sean Dolan are confronted by the United Nations Security Council who attempt to apprehend them. When Sean tries to pull out his Ebony Blade, Namor dissuades him, grabbing it from his hands and flees the scene. At the recently risen Atlantis, Morgan and a host of Darkhold disciples prepare for the next phase of their operation when one of the disciples spots Thor in the distance. Although the god of Thunder tries to attack Morgan, she uses her mystical powers to enthrall Thor due to his connection with the Earth goddess Gaea. At the same time, Nathaniel Richards materializes on his teleporter within Castle Doom in Latveria. Although his exploration of the Watcher's Citadel proved fruitless, he becomes aware of ships heading toward Earth and believes this could open up some new opportunities for him. Back at Four Freedoms Plaza, the Fantastic Four receive a distress call from Attilan and decide to deal with this new crisis before the threat of Atlantis. Sue determines to shrink the city of Attilan, so as to be able to evacuate the entire populace, and the team prepares to disembark for the moon. Meanwhile, Namor is on his way back to Atlantis when he is suddenly attacked by Thor, which causes him drop the Ebony Blade into the ocean. Although Thor initially has the upper hand, the fight is taken to the water, where Namor regains his full strength and begins putting up a fierce counter-attack.

Back on the moon, the Inhumans are still in a panic fearing that they will soon die once their city's atmosphere is gone. Among those frightened are Leonus and Timberius, two members of a renegade Inhuman sect, who have noted the void in leadership now that both the royal family and Genetic Council are gone. Leonus suggests that they take this opportunity to free their former master Maximus. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four are speeding toward the moon aboard their Stealth-Hawk ship. Kristoff and Ant-Man use the flight to work on their shrinking device. Meanwhile back on Earth, Morgan and her followers channel their mystical energy to create magnetic ley-lines around Atlantis, defending it from outside invaders. As Namor and Thor battle on, the Genetic Council ship arrives on the scene. Seeking to curry favor with Morgn le Fay they blast Namor into the water and are welcomed onto the island as allies. While most of the council insists that Morgan leave their ancestral land, Lord Arcadius interrupts them and voices his interest in finding a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

In the New Jersey circus where the Inhuman Royal family currently, lives, Black Bolt decides to answer the call to help he has received regarding the Attilan crisis. However, when he teleports there with Lockjaw, he finds nothing but a massive crater where the city once stood. Due to the lack of atmosphere, he quickly teleports back to the circus and weeps over what he believes to be Attilan's destruction. What Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family are unaware of is that the Fantastic Four had moments earlier succeeded in rescuing Attilan by shrinking the city and beaming it aboard their ship. As the Fantastic Four head back to Earth, the Crimson Cadre land in Hawaii, where they begin a full assault on the human race. While aboard the Stealth-Hawk, the Fantastic Four set up a means of communication with the people of Attilan. Tricked by Leonus into enlarging a band of purported diplomats, the Fantastic Four soon realize they have actually enlarged Maximus and his renegade Inhumans who ambush the team, swiftly knocking them out.

Atlantis Rising
Namor the Sub-Mariner #60 Namor the Sub-Mariner #61 Namor the Sub-Mariner #62 Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1 Warlock and the Infinity Watch #41 Warlock and the Infinity Watch #42 Fantastic Force #8 Fantastic Four #401 Fantastic Force #9 Fantastic Four #402 Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2


Continuity Notes

  • Morgan le Fay's plot to raise Atlantis to the ocean surface was chronicled in Namor the Sub-Mariner #6062. Part of her spell also transformed Triton, making him more muscular and with more fins and loyal to Morgan le Fay. This story picks up immediately after the events of Namor the Sub-Mariner #62.
  • Llyja has been posing as Laura Green since Johnny ended their relationship back in Fantastic Four #392.
  • The man posing as Doctor Doom's former retainer Boris is actually Zarrko the Tomorrow man as revealed in Fantastic Four #405 he is spying on the Fantastic Four for his master Hyperstorm.
  • Although seemingly destroyed here, the Watcher's citadel returns or is rebuilt, as seen in Iron Man (Vol. 3) #14.
  • The reason why Morgan le Fay was able to take control of Thor is because her magic draws power from Gaea the female god that is the embodiment of the Earth. As revealed in Thor Annual #11, Thor is the biological son of Gaea.


  • It is stated a few times in this story that Attilan is contained under a dome with an atmosphere. This is in contradiction to the fact that, also stated in this story and many times elsewhere, that there is an artificial atmosphere within the Blue Area of the Moon.


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