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Quote1.png What have you done with Franklin? Where is he?! Where is he?! Tell me before you suffocate! Where is my son?!! Quote2.png
Invisible Woman

Appearing in "Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Part 3"

Andrew Lewis, apparently oblivious to the fact that his wife is a hideous insectoid creature, is surprised that his wife snapped at him. She apologises and he reiterates how he has been hired by Mister Fantastic to construct a new Vault Prison in the Negative Zone. She congratulates him and after a kiss he goes off to do his job.

In the Negative Zone, the Fantastic Four has just incapacitated what they thought was Annihilus when a second Annihilus appears. When it turns out that both the Annihili believe that the other is an impostor, Sue releases the one Annihilus so the two can fight it out. Reed concludes that he will have to cloak the new Vault prison when they build it in the Negative Zone. Back on Earth, the Fantastic Four meet with government officials and Nick Fury to discuss their plans. Fury warns Reed about how the Fantastic Four had recently staged a coup on Latveria and warns Richards not to let him down this time. Back at the loft of Alicia Masters, the Thing has got the help of Damage Control to repair her home after it was trashed by Dragon Man. Back at the Baxter Building, one of Johnny's romances comes to an abrupt end due to Johnny being too busy on Fantastic Four business.

Elsewhere in New York City, FX master Lon Zelig addresses his fans before retiring to his office. There a SHIELD agent is waiting for him with the best interstellar communication he can find. "Zelig" is furious at the primitive technology and shifts back into his true form -- that of the Super-Skrull -- and smashes the device. He then uses his hypnotic powers to make the SHIELD agent forget their business and send him on his way. The Super-Skrull decides that he needs to get the technology he needs from his long time foes.

At the Baxter Building, Mister Fantastic is extracting DNA from the Mad Thinker as he is the only captured villain without a sample taken. Later, Sue picks up who she thinks is Franklin at school. When they return home, "Franklin" begins snooping around in Reed's lab. When Mister Fantastic scolds his "son", the Super-Skrull drops his ruse. Thinking that the Skrull has done something to her son, the Invisible Woman savagely attacks the alien, demanding to know where he son is. Back at his school, Franklin waits patiently in the rain for his family to come and pick him up from school.

Solicit Synopsis

Reed's plot continues as he and the Fantastic Four hunt down and neutralize the FF's most prominent villains.

How will this new, proactive stance on super heroics affect the FF's public standing? And how does the Super-Skrull fit into all this?

Continuing the mini-series that sheds a new light on the Foes of the FF universe, just in time for that swell movie we're all going to go see...twice.


Continuity Notes

  • "Fury" mentions how the Fantastic Four failed to run the nation of Latveria. The team attempted this in Fantastic Four #503508.

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