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The Thing

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Synopsis for "Part 4"

While the Invisible Woman is viciously beating the Super-Skrull, demanding to know where her son is, Franklin is waiting for his parents out in the rain outside his school. Eventually a school administrator comes out to check on him and suggests that he gives their parents call. As Sue pounds on her foe, the phone begins to ring and eventually she gets annoyed and tells one of the other Fantastic Four to answer it. When Johnny tells her that Franklin is safe at school, she tells them to relay the message that they'll be there in 10 minutes. Suddenly, Crystal arrives with Lockjaw from Attilan to return Valeria from being babysat.

The following morning at Lewis Security Solutions, Andrew Lewis' secretary returns to work to find that Andrew has been working overnight on the new Vault prison in the Negative Zone for the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile, with room in the Baxter Building running out, Mister Fantastic meets with Nick Fury aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier to store the surplus of villains they have been capturing until the new Vault is complete. With the new prison about to be complete in a few days, the Fantastic Four prepare to hunt down their villains and capture them all. Needing someone to look after the kids while they complete this mission, Sue calls She-Hulk who has to kick out her one night stand before the children arrive.

Soon the Fantastic Four are in Subeterranea trying to get the drop on the Mole Man. The Fantastic Four think they have the drop on a sleeping foe, but the Mole Man had set a trap. After the Thing knocks out one of the Mole Man's creatures, but the fight results in a cave in that the group narrowly survives. As Lewis continues his work, Reed has the Mole Man imprisoned aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. With construction about to begin, Lewis goes home to tell the woman he thinks is his wife, unaware that she is some freakish creature, and that her wife -- murdered by this creature -- is rotting at the kitchen table.

Solicit Synopsis

The Mole Man is BACK! He's out to get revenge for all the times he's been defeated.

Now the Fantastic Four are face to face with one of the most deadly foes of their past, and it's all part of Reed's plan.


Continuity Notes

  • Crystal mentions that she has a date. For a long time she was married to the speester known as Quicksilver since Fantastic Four #150. However she and her husband have since become estranged following the events of House of M #18. Their marriage is annulled following the the events of Son of M #16.

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