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Quote1 Don't sweat it, Kragoff. I'm not really going to hit you. We're the good guys, remember? Quote2

Appearing in "Part 5"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Paste-Gun (Only in flashback)
  • Transmitter
  • DNA samples


Synopsis for "Part 5"

With the new Vault Prison in the Negative Zone complete, Andrew Lewis -- the man behind its construction -- looks at it from outside and marvels at his creation until the warden comes to tell him to get inside because it is not safe outside. Inside, they go over the security featuers that will keep super-powered criminals confined within the prison. Lewis is greatful for Reed Richards approaching him for the opportunity and kick starting this project as it has given Andrew a new lease on life. Walking through the prisoner wing, the facility is already filled with many of the Fantastic Four's foes which they have been busy apprehending and incarcerating due to the fact that they believe that unless their foes are dealt with, every member of the group will be dead. Over the next week, the Fantastic Four are keeping busy, capturing such foes as Hydro-Man, the Grey Gargoyle, the Sphinx, the Wizard, Klaw, the Trapster, the Molecule Man before finally going after Diablo.

By this time, the news that the Fantatic Four have been gunning for their foes is widespread that Diablo has a trap set for them. Back at the Lewis home, Andrew rushes home to tell the creature posing as his wife about his prison. The creature is setting a device that makes her appear as human to others and convinces her "husband" to show her the facility.

Back at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four have just returned home after capturing Diablo, and Ben comments about how if they keep this up there won't be enough villains left to sustain the team. Reed tells Ben to stop griping over his injuries and that they are going out to capture another foe. Soon the Fantastic Four are off to the hideout of the Red Ghost who has also laid a trap for the team. Although his attempt to blow them up with a bomb fails thanks to Sue's invisibility powers. The Red Ghost then attacks them with mechanical gloves that enhance his strength as well as with his Super-Apes. However after all the non-stop missions the team is fatigued, giving the Ghost the uppset hand, however they do manage to pull themselves together long enough to capture the Red Ghost and his simians.

By this point Reed has become suspicious that the only time he feels a dire sense of dread that they will all die is in his own lab. Deciding to look around, Reed finds a strange device installed within one of othe control panels there. When he goes to check the DNA samples, they suddenly dissolve and Reed realises what's been going on and how stupid he has been lately. Meanwhile, the alien creature -- named Threska -- is admitted into the Negative Zone Vault. When security balks at this, Threaska drops her cover posing as Andrew's wife and kills the guards and then stages a prison break. As the prisoners riot, she waits in the control room for the arrival of the Mad Thinker, who informs her that everything is going according to plan.

Solicit Synopsis

]The Red Ghost is back, and he's brought his super-apes with him!

Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny are face-to-face with one of their greatest foes from the past!

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