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Quote1.png This can not continue. The House of M must fall. The House of M will fall. And from its ashes, a House of Doom will rise! Quote2.png
Lord Doom

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Synopsis for "A Doctor in the House"

The Fearsome Four have been dispatched by Magneto to negotiate a trade agreement with the Mole King in his subterranean kingdom. The Mole King however, confronts Doom and belittles his subservience to the House of M. Doom, in his anger, kills the Mole King and returns to Latveria with his family.

The It is revealed to be treated as no more than an animal, being made to live in a cage. Kristoff lives a life of lavishness, often hosting parties which end up with his playmates recovering from serious burns. Doom meanwhile meets with his mother, who plants more seeds of suspicion about him playing second fiddle to Magneto and the House of M. Quicksilver contacts Doom to request a meeting between him and Magneto. Doom rebuffs the request, upon which Quicksilver approaches him in person to warn him.

The Fearsome Four then travel to Genosha, whereupon Doom doesn't take kindly to being made to wait by Magneto's guards. Doom informs Magneto of the Mole King's death, upon which Magneto advises him to control his ego. Doom later takes his anger out on the It, mercilessly hurting him, and vows to bring about the downfall of the House of M.

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