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Synopsis for "Grimm's Fairytales"

The Fantastic Four have ventured into the world of literature to learn why people are becoming afraid of stories. They soon find themselves battling monsters that have started attacking the characters from Jane Austin's novel "Pride and Prejudice." While the rest of the Fantastic Four fight the monster, the Human Torch leads the Dashwood sisters to safety aboard the Jasper. His interaction with them causes Margaret and Elinore to begin speaking in txt speech. Eventually, the Fantastic Four defeat their foes and are surprised when Ben's form suddenly is wearing the uniform of a British soldier. This causes Reed and Sue to realize that the characters they encounter can affect them as much as they can. Deciding that they need to gather an army to stop whoever is invading the world of literature, the Fantastic Four depart in the Jasper along with Dante and the Dashwood sisters. On Earth, Willie Lumpkin and his niece Billie continue to sleep through the night.

En route to a new location, Dante and Dashwood sisters squabble, the Fantastic Four examine in of the monsters they battle. Reed comes to the conclusion that the creature they faced is not a work of fiction, but something else. All they can determine is that the creatures were able to adapt to their powers, a nightmare they all share.

Soon they arrive at a castle where they will attempt to recruit the legendary warrior known as Ivanhoe. While the team watches Robin Hood and Ivanhoe engage in an archery contest, Reed recruits Lord Cedric and his men. Soon they recruit William Tell, Kubla Kahn, the Frankenstein's Monster, Natty Bumpo, Chingachgook, and Uncas. Having gathered the greatest warriors of literature, the Fantastic Four watch in awe as these legendary characters discuss strategy for the approaching army of evil. That evening, Reed and Sue retire for the night and marvel over their situation. As they prepare for sleep, the rest of the Fantastic Four hang out with the Dashwood sisters. Elsewhere in the castle, Elinore tries to come to terms with the idea that she is a fictional character, unaware that the creature that Reed capture have broken free and now stalks her. Elsewhere in another land, the Sheriff of Nottingham has his carriage stopped by the Vampire minions of Dracula. They are recruiting other literary villains and reveal that they have captured the Fountainhead -- the source of all human creativity. They plan on taking the Fountainhead to their master.

Back at the castle, Elinore approaches the Thing and confesses that she is confused by his appearance. However, when she insists that he is a brave warrior, he suddenly changes to human form. Suddenly they hear a crash and rush to Reed and Sue's room where they find the creature attacking them. At that moment, the Sheriff of Nottingham is brought to the villain camp where he meets their masters: the dream demon known as Nightmare.

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