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Nightmare is attempting to conquer the World of Fiction and has recruited some of greatest villains in literature to assist him in this cause. Nightmare explains that he found his way to this realm when the writer named Stephen G. Diesner had accidentally glimpsed him. Inspired, Diesner wrote a novel about the experience. When the book was published, it opened an access point that allowed him to invade other realms of the human consciousness. He decided to start invading the realm of literature, he easily ravaged this realm, taking over newer forms of fiction until he crossed paths with the Fountainhead, the personification of human imagination. Seeing the power controlling such a being, Nightmare took the Fountainhead prisoner. Nightmare finishes by telling the gathered villains that they are seeking to gather an army to stop the resistance against him.

At the castle of Sir Cedri, the Fantastic Four are trying to stop one of Nightmare's creatures, when suddenly, Reed is impaled on its sword. Although they fight off the creature, Reed is in serious shape. He tells his teammates that he has deduced who is responsible for attacking the world of literature, and has determined a means of stopping him.

Soon the castle is under attack by the forces of Nightmare. As the army of heroes battle off their attackers, the Fantastic Four try to flee back to the Jasper along with Dante and the Dashwood sisters. In their path are Dracula, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and their minions. Sue and Ben fight off their attacks allowing Johnny to get Reed to the Jasper. Inside, Reed revives momentarily and tells Johnny not to resuscitate him before blacking out again. Outside, Sue, Ben, Dante and the Dashwood sisters are all captured by one of Nightmare's creatures. Meanwhile, Johnny -- per Reed's instructions -- flees the scene and travels to the world of the "Wind and the Willows" where he crashes. There he is pulled from the craft by Mr. Toad and Mr. Badger who tells him that Reed is in a coma. Hearing this, Johnny passes out as well. At that moment the others are brought before Nightmare who explains his plans and then orders Sue and the others put before a firing squad and shot.

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