Quote1 Just what I needed...annuder mystery. If the Thinker ain't controlling the Adaptoid----then who is?! Quote2
-- Thing

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  • Unnamed lady


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  • Taxi
  • Train

Synopsis for "Adapt This!"

The Thing has gone out to buy a lottery ticket only to arrive a minute past the deadline. He argues with the store clerk to let it go given how many times he has saved the world, but the clerk won't budge. The Thing gives up and goes back out into the rainy streets of New York City. Not far away a beautiful woman is trying to hail a taxi cab so she can make her violen recital. When a cab finally pulls over to pick her up, a business man pushes her aside and hops in. However before the cab can drive away, the Thing grabs the rear bumper to prevent it from driving off. When the rude business man realizes the cab isn't moving because of the Thing he high tails it out of the cab. The Thing is helping the woman into the cab when suddenly the Fantasti-Flare goes off. Needing to answer this emergency, Ben asks the woman to let him into the cab, but she refuses to get out. With the cab driver telling them he needs to move it, they comprise with riding together since the woman needs to get downtown. The whole cab ride there the woman is abrasive and rude to the Thing, more interested in her recital than the potential danger that people might be in.

Eventually they get to the Williamsburg Bridge where traffic is held up, however it is close to the danger so Ben hops out of the cab. Running into a relieved police officer, the Thing is informed to the fact that some kind of monster is causing chaos on the bridge. When he goes to look he is struck in the fact by what appears to be an Adaptoid that can mimic Johnny's flame powers. As they fight it out, the Thing recognizes the android as the one that the Mad Thinker sent after him recently. The fight takes them out onto the passing subway track where the Super Android is struck by a train, but that fails to phase him. While the Thing had to jump to the side to avoid the train, he is pulling himself back onto the bridge just in time to see the police officer get cut down by the Adaptoid. Meanwhile in the cab, the woman grows impatient and decides to cross the bridge on foot despite the trouble, putting her right in the path of the Super Android.

As the Thing fights the creature, it locks him in an arm hold and in order to break free Ben tries to bite its arm. A chunk of the android breaks off and able to operate autonomous of the trest of the body it tries to choke the Thing by expanding in his throat. Ben manages to cough it out and the woman tries to smash it with her her purse. In doing so a bottle of perfume she has inside breaks and leaks onto the portion of the android causing it to dissolve. Realizing that it is vulnerable to alcohol, she tells this to the Thing. Spotting a nearby beer delivery truck, the Thing throws the Super Android into it. It emerges covered in beer and charges at the Thing but quickly dissolves into nothingness, ending it's threat. When Ben returns to his cab he finds that the cobbie left the meter running and he ends up with a very high fare.

Later at the Four Freedoms Plaza, the Thing checks in with the Vault to learn that the Mad Thinker had nothing to do with this attack and that he is still secure. While puzzling over this situation, the Thing walks past Johnny's room and notices that he is in there. Asking the Torch what he is up to, he explains that he is leaving the Fantastic Four.


Continuity Notes

Adapt This!

The Exended Family of the Fantastic Four

This issue features some supplementary material that gives some brief background on the Fantastic Four and their extended family. Some additional facts about this feature:

  • This entry also briefly goes into the complexities of the relationships between the Human Torch, Lyja, the Thing and Alicia Masters:

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