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Synopsis for "Will Power"

The Fantastic Four and their extended family are at the offices of Clayton & Crabtree for the reading of Mister Fantastic's will. The Thing is less than happy about this reading because he views those inheriting parts of Reed's estate as nothing more than vultures, this leads to a scolding from Sue. They eventually get to the meeting room where Johnny, Franklin, Nathaniel, Huntara, the Sub-Mariner and She-Hulk are waiting to do the reading. After She-Hulk reads Reed's final statement, the Thing interrupts asking when they are going to divide up the "loot", offending everyone in the room due to his lack of sensitivity. However Scott takes this as a cue that everyone who is not considered immediate family exit the room so that Ben, Johnny, Sue, Nathaniel, Franklin, Huntara and a representative of the Latverian embassy, can hear the rest of the will. When Ant-Man tells Ben he'll see him back at home, Ben gives him attitude.

With the others gone, She-Hulk begins reading the will. The first item on the list is a scrapbook of Reed's life and childhood that is bequeathed to Nathaniel, as a reminder of all the things he missed as Reed was growing up. Nathaniel is touched and grows quiet as he flips through the book, stopping at a photo of his late wife and Reed when he was a child. The Thing watches this display and thinks to himself about how he doesn't buy Nathaniel's display of emotion considering he abandoned Reed years ago, while Ben stuck by him no matter what. Franklin is left a trust fund as well as the Fantastic Four's original costumes. Ben is shocked to hear that Reed had been holding onto those costumes for so long and thinks about all the various changes the group has undergone over the years. This causes Ben to recollect how he and Reed were best friends all through university together. He recalls on his greatest day in his football career, he gave Reed the game ball, even though he didn't think Reed fully understood the significance. In recollecting those old memories, Ben misses them.

Next She-Hulk reads that Johnny is to inherit the original Fantasti-Car, which Ben cryptically hopes Johnny wraps around a tree. This makes Johnny angry and he reams Ben out for saying such a horrible thing until She-Hulk breaks them up. Ben explains that these are not just possessions they account for Reed's life and that they are all they have left of his memory and they should respect these things instead. She-Hulk continues and gets to the part of the will about the possessions that Reed is leaving his wife. Reed leaves her control of Fantastic Four, Inc. as well as all its assets and patents to his inventions. This causes Sue to break down in tears and she wishes her husband wasn't taken away from them, but she collects herself in an effort to be strong in front of the others. By this point the ambassador to Latveria asks She-Hulk to hurry things up so he can get back to the embassy. When She-Hulk reads that he is bequeathing his class ring from Empire State University to the Von Doom estate this angers Ben he is even more furious with Sue for knowing that this was in the will. Sue explains that these were Reed's final wishes and they have to respect them. Ben loses his temper and flips the table, grabbing the ambassador and gets in his face. Having had enough with Ben's temper tantrums, Sue slaps him across the face. As Ben washes over with rage, Sue stands her ground. Ben eventually takes out his anger by smashing a wall, not impressing Sue in the least as they will have to pay for the damages.

With this outburst over the ambassador takes Reed's ring and leaves. Everyone is upset with Ben for his lack of decorum and leaves Sue to deal with him alone. Left to their own, Ben finally breaks down in tears explaining that he is having a hard time accepting that Reed is truly gone. Sue then gives Ben what Reed left for him -- his old game ball from years ago -- which causes Ben to break down in tears and realize he has been acting out and asks for her forgiveness. She does forgive him and reminds him that they owe it to Reed's memory to carry on his work. When Ben finally composes himself, he asks her not to tell the others how he has been crying. She agrees to his request and suggests that they go for lunch. Ben, acting as though his emotional outburst hadn't happened, agrees that they should.


Continuity Notes

  • The Thing recognizes the business man that he frightened out of a taxi from last issue.
  • This issue marks the first mention of Reed's mother and her name and that she died when he was young.
  • Franklin is given the Fantastic Four's original costumes which the group wore almost consistently from Fantastic Four #3256.

Continuity Errors

  • Reed's will names Huntara, which cannot be accurate because it was not revealed that Huntara might be related to Reed until Fantastic Four #390, after his apparent death in Fantastic Four #381.
  • It doesn't make sense that Reed would leave his ring from Empire State University (which Reed and Ben actually attended as seen in Thing #2) because he and Doctor Doom only attended State University together until Von Doom was kicked out of school, as first depicted in Fantastic Four Annual #2.

Supplimentary Material

This issue features a profile on the Invisible Woman as well as the Richards Family Tree.

  • It states that Huntara might be the sister of Mister Fantastic. There are conflicting reports of her parentage. Fantastic Four #390 states that she is the daughter of Nathaniel Richards. However in Fantastic Force #9 reporter Paul Alvarez claims that she is his long lost sister Maria. This issue is never resolved as Fantastic Force Vol 1 was later cancelled.

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