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Quote1.png It's just a guess, old friend, but if I'm right, we could be up against the greatest threat we've ever faced! Quote2.png
Mr. Fantastic

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Synopsis for "The Baxter Building Besieged!"

This story is continued from the events of Fantastic Four #100...

The Fantastic Four return to the United States following their time in the Inhuman's home of the Hidden Land. When they arrive they are greeted by members of the military and the press. Although it is a warm welcome, someone tries to take a shot at the group causing everyone to scatter. While the Fantastic Four are distracted, a strange ship tries to infiltrate their Baxter Building headquarters, but it is destroyed by the built in security systems. When the Fantastic Four return home, Reed begins examinations of the equipment and discovers that someone tried to infiltrate their base, but he decides not worry his teammates with the details as yet. When Sue tries to get his attention he explains to her that he has very important work to get done, so when Johnny and Ben almost come crashing in, she subdues them and tells them to stop roughhousing.

Meanwhile in the nation of Latveria, planes are being prepared for take off by the minions of Doctor Doom, who is now hatching a new scheme against his foes the Fantastic Four. With the latest news on his plans, Doom retreats to his lab where he begins to plot against Reed Richards, as Doom has convinced himself that Richards has stolen his scientific inventions.

Back in New York, the Fantastic Four conclude their business at headquarters and load up into the Fantasti-Car and head off to Whisper Hill to pick up Reed and Sue's son Franklin from his babysitter Agatha Harkness. As they approach the witche's house, their vehicle is blasted out of the sky. While back at the Baxter Building, An army of Doom's Servo Droids, and members of the rogue scientists known as the Enclave attack the FF's headquarters, ripping its outer walls to shreds. While the Fantastic Four recover from their crash and search for their attackers, the members of the Enclave loot Reed's lab. By the time the Fantastic Four have transported themselves back to the Baxter Building, their mysterious attackers have escaped. But a trap has been laid out for them in the form of the Mad Thinker's creation the Android-Man.

The Fantastic Four all pile onto the Android-Man, and it is quickly destroyed when Sue uses her invisible force-field to destroy it. In the aftermath of the battle Reed assesses the damage and realizes that many of his scientific inventions have been stolen. He warns his team that whoever organized the attack stands to be the greatest threat they have ever faced.


Continuity Notes

  • Chronologically speaking, the last time the Doctor Doom clashed with the Fantastic Four was in Fantastic Four #8487 when he forced the team to be his prisoners in Latveria. At this point in his chronology, Doctor Doom was last seen in Sub-Mariner #20 where he failed to recruit the Sub-Mariner as an ally.
  • The Super-Android in this story is also known as the Android-Man, he was seemingly destroyed in Fantastic Four #79. Although seemingly destroyed here, the Android-Man -- or at least a replica -- was seen in the possession of the Reanimator in Wolverine (Vol. 2) #149.

Publication Notes

  • This series was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Fantastic Four. All the artists on this project fashioned their artwork to resemble that of the late Jack Kirby during his tenure on the Fantastic Four.

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