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Quote1 Hush now, o man...Be still and fear not. For, when next you meet thy nemesis upon the field of battle......Asgard stands with thee! Quote2

Appearing in " Asgard!"

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Synopsis for " Asgard!"

The Frightful Four have successfully recruited Blastaar into their ranks, taken over the Baxter Building and trapped most of the Fantastic Four within the Negative Zone. However things get heated when the Sandman insults the Negative Zone leading the group to come to blows with their new recruit. While they are distracted, Sue uses her invisibility powers to reactivate the Negative Zone portal allowing Reed, Johnny, Ben and Crystal to return to their universe. They catch the Frightful Four by surprise, and while Blastaar is distracted, Sue uses her powers to push him back into the Negative Zone and Reed shuts the portal down once again. Meanwhile, in the deepest reaches of space, Doctor Doom locates the world devourer known as Galactus as he prepares a machine to consume another world. Doom is intent on striking now while Galactus is busy in his work.

Back at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four make short work of their evil counterparts. With the battle over they notice that Captain Marvel has switched places back with Rick Jones. They inform Rick that their mission into the Negative Zone was a failure, but Reed has a good idea what Doom is seeking next.

Meanwhile in deep space, Doctor Doom launches his attack against Galactus, catching the eater of worlds off guard. Doom easily overpowers Galactus and uses the combined power of all of hsi stolen artifacts to absorb the massive powers of Galactus. While Doom is transformed into a massive cosmic powered being, Galactus is reduced to his previous form, the Taaian named Galan.

On Earth, the Fantastic Four have paid a visit to Avengers Mansion where they seek an audience with Thor. There Reed explains how he suspects Doom is going after the power of Galactus. Thor, having had prior experience with Galactus himself, [1] agrees to take the Fantastic Four to Asgard to petition the gods to assist them in their quest. Thor uses his hammer Mjolnir to teleport them to the realm of Asgard. There they are briefly stopped by Heimdal who allows them passage when Thor explains the grave nature of their quest.

When the heroes approach Odin's chambers they are barred by the Warriors Three who inform Thor that his father has ordered not to be disturbed. Not willing to stand back while the world is in danger the Thing piles onto the Warriors Three with Johnny joining the battle. But it proves short lived when Odin steps in and blasts everyone aside. When Reed tries to explain the impending danger, Odin stops him midsentence and informs them that he is already aware of the trouble. He then shows them an image in his Vision-Globe, revealing that Doom was successful in his acquisition of power and is now heading back to Earth. When Reed petitions for the aid of the Asgardian gods, Odin assures him that the Asgardians will fight along side them for the sake of the Earth.


Continuity Notes[]

  • The Frightful Four are turned over to the authorities here, they are next seen as a group breaking out of prison in Marvel Team-Up #2. Apparently the Trapster was the only one incarnated the entire time. The Wizard subsequently broke out and his next chronological appearance was in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8 where he was providing weapons to the racist organization known as the Sons of the Serpent. The Sandman reappeared in Incredible Hulk #138 where he learned that the cure the Wizard gave to him prior to Fantastic Four #94 was wearing off. He cures himself thanks to a blood transfusion with Betty Ross in the Hulk story.
  • The Fantastic Four last encountered Galactus in Fantastic Four #4850 where they succeeded in stopping Galactus from consuming the Earth. Chronologically, Galactus was last seen in Thor #167169 where he clashed with Thor. Thor references this encounter in this very story.
  • The Human Torch refers to the Trapster as "Paste-Pot Pete", this is the original named that the Trapster first used when he became a super-villain. He used the name from Strange Tales #104 until he changed it in Fantastic Four #38 when he abandoned it. He has not lived down his original name and is frequently mocked because of it.
  • Chronologically, Rick Jones and Captain Marvel are next seen in Sub-Mariner #30 where they assist the Sub-Mariner in destroying a molecular polluter.
  • Thor was last seen in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine #7. When he teleports the Fantastic Four to Asgard, he claims that they are the first mortals to ever seen Asgard. The notation on that page reminds the readers that Thor had previously brought Jane Foster to Asgard in Thor #136. There are other times that Thor seems to be forgetting: namely Black Panther (Vol. 3) #46 when he brought Black Panther, and his allies to Asgard circa the year 1875. One possible explanation for this lapse in memory is given in Thor: God of Thunder #3 where it is explained that Asgardians have a limited memory capacity and that after centuries of living they simply forget things as new memories overwrite ancient ones.
  • Heimdel was last seen at his post guarding the Bifrost in Thor #167.
  • Loki makes a brief appearance here, his previous chronological appearance was in Thor #175177 where he briefly usurped the throne of Asgard from Odin. He next appears in Thor #179181 where Loki swaps bodies with Thor in yet another failed revenge scheme against his half brother.
  • Odin was last seen in Thor #178 where he recently regained the throne of Asgard after Loki's failed coup.
  • While the Warriors Three were last seen in Thor #177 where they helped defend Asgard from Surtur during Loki's brief reign.

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