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Appearing in "New York Knockdown!"

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Synopsis for "New York Knockdown!"

Mister Fantastic shows the Torch and Thing his latest invention a device that ejects a series of small spheres that will seek out and destroy any bugs that are found in their headquarters. After they have completed their task, Reed explains that he has deduced who their mystery attacker is: Doctor Doom.

While at his headquarters at Castle Doom in Upstate New York, Doctor Doom is furious that Richards managed to shut down his spying equipment. Nonetheless he is confident that he can still proceed with the next part of his plans. Doom then uses the Cosmic Cube to activate his latest creation, a robot based off the Hulk. Meanwhile, Reed calls in to Whisper Hill to ask Sue and Crystal to return to headquarters at once. It is then that they learn from Sue that Crystal had been teleported away by Lockjaw during their flight out to Agatha's home. Hearing this, Johnny rushes to the apartment of Alicia Masters where Ben is spending time with his girlfriend. Before Johnny can convince Ben to join him on an impromptu trip to Attilan to rescue Crystal, they are attacked by what appears to be the Hulk.

As Ben clashes with what he thinks is the Hulk, Johnny carries Alicia away to safety. Ben is lured to a nearby warehouse where he runs into the Hulk, who apparently has no memory of starting their fight. As the battle rages on, Johnny and Reed join in, but Richards notices a hole in the wall leaving him to believe that they had been tricked into a fight with the Hulk. While in Attilan, Crystal is told by her family that the Helix of Randac -- a needed component to utilize the Terrigen Mist -- has been stolen, leaving them to wonder who stole it and why.

While back in New York, Reed and Johnny leave Ben to fight the real Hulk while they go after his impostor. While the pair incapacitate the Hulk robot, the real Hulk begins to weaken during his battle with the Thing. It is at this moment that one of Doom's flying devices blasts the Hulk just before Ben can land a knock out punch that causes the Hulk to transform back into Bruce Banner. As the Fantastic Four rendezvous, they find no clue as to why Doom would trick them into a fight against the Hulk. While back at his hideout, Doctor Doom gloats at the success of stealing information from the mind of Bruce Banner, and then sets his sights on his next target: the moon.


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk was last seen in Captain Marvel #2021 where his alter-ego's attempt to cure himself of being the Hulk led to yet another failure and a battle against Captain Marvel. The Fantastic Four last encountered the Hulk during another failed attempt to cure his alter-ego Bruce Banner, as seen in Incredible Hulk #122.
  • Agatha Harkness is not seen for the rest of this series, her next chronological appearance is in X-Men: The Hidden Years #9 when Sue brings Franklin to Agatha's care again. Franklin also does not appear further in this series. His next chronological appearance is in Fantastic Four #101.

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