"Trial By Fire"
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The Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

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Synopsis for "Trial By Fire"

After destroying a Kree Proibe, Johnny inexplicably disappears. He finds himself in a stadium filled with aliens, where he has been put on trial for crimes against the Kree empire, with Ronan the Accuser acting as judge. Meanwhile, Ben attempts to entertain the guests at a charity event. Reed is summoned to act as Johnny's lawyer, while Ben and Sue are summoned as witnesses. Unfortunately Ben and Sue's testimonies fail to help Johnny's case. Johnny is sentenced to immediate execution by robotic creatures. Ben, Sue, and Reed fight the robot executioners, one of which is accidentally thrown into the crowd. Johnny protects a Kree child in the audience from the errant robot, which inspires the crowd to demand Johnny be exonerated and released. Feeling humiliated at having to appease the crowd, Ronan releases Johnny. The Kree return to their home world, whereupon Ronan is banished from the Kree empire, while the Supreme Intelligence notes that the Fantastic Four may be useful against the Skrull.


  • When Johnny first sees the Kree he says "The Smurfs got big" and calls Ronan an "angry smurf".

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