Quote1 My God! Monster Island isn't a volcano... It's a syringe! Quote2
-- Mr. Fantastic

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Synopsis for "So You Wanna Get Crazy?!"

The Apocalypse Beast has been unleashed upon the Earth and it is making its way across the Pacific Ocean en route for Monster Island. Inside the creature are the Invisible Woman and Iron Man who are travelling up to the creature's brain in the hopes of stopping it internally. While outside, the rest of the Fantastic Four and the Mole Man head to Monster Island in the hopes of intercepting the beast there and stopping it from whatever it is attempting to do.

After a brief tussle with their old foe on the Island, the Fantastic Four learn that the Mole Man is not luring the Apocalypse Beast here but it is coming to destroy the island. Taking the heroes down below they are shocked to find that all of the Moloids are in a crosslegged position. Meanwhile, inside the Apocalypse Beast, the Invisible Woman and Iron Man fight through the creature's immune system on their way to the brain. As the Fantastic Four outside learn that the Moloids are entering a massive machine in order to sacrifice themselves to the Apocalypse Beast in some way, inside the creature Sue is bombarded by its memories and learns how it came to Earth millions of years ago in an egg that crash landed on the Earth before it was banished to another dimension by parties unknown.

Back on Monster Island, Reed reads over ancient hieroglyphics and learns that the Moloids are actually a living virus created to destroy the Apocalypse Beast and that Monster Island is a massive syringe to deliver it to the Apocalypse Beast. Despite the Mole Man's protests, the Fantastic Four begin preparing the device to inject the Moloids into the Apocalypse Beast. When they succeed the entire population is injected into the Apocalypse Beast's eye and into its brain. As the Moloids being fighting off the immune system within the massive creature, Iron Man and the Invisible Woman escape. The Apocalypse Beast suddenly inverts itself and is launched into space. While Reed and the others are happily reunited with Iron Man and Sue, the Mole Man cries tears over his lost people, wondering what will become of them.

Centuries later in the year 12425 AD a race of intelligent Moloids now live on the lifeless husk of the Apocalypse Beast, which they have lived within and thrived as a civilisation for centuries. With their world dying a Moloid couple have prepared a ship for their son, Noah, who they fire off into space in the hopes that he might live a happy life elsewhere in the universe.


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