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Ben is insulted by the Yancy Street Gang and becomes depressed over his appearance. The rest of the team visit an Egyptian museum and find an ancient tablet apparently depicting Ben returning to his human form. Reed tells him about the tablet, and the Four travel to Dr. Doom's castle to use time machine to travel back to 10th Century B.C. Egypt. There, they quickly come under attack by soldiers, but Reed notices that their attire is from another time. The team then all pass out, and are taken to Rama-Tut, ruler of Egypt. He tells them that he is from the year 3000, and seeking adventure, constructed a time machine and travelled back to ancient Egypt. He imprisons the team as hypnotized slaves, but a passing comet returns Ben to his human form and restores his will. As Rama-Tut prepares to marry Sue, Ben rescues her and the rest of the team. As the comet moves away, Ben becomes the Thing again, and the Four follow Rama-Tut for their final confrontation.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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