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  • General Trescott


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  • Blackbeard (Edward Teach) (Mentioned)





Doctor Doom electrifies the Baxter Building in an attempt to make the Fantastic Four helpless. Mr. Fantastic agrees to follow Doom back to his homeland, Latveria, and the rest of the Fantastic Four reluctantly agree to accompany their leader. Doom explains that he plans to rule the world, but that he needs a lot more wealth in order to do so. He tells the FF that he has a time machine and that he wants the Fantastic Four to go back in time and return with Blackbeard's treasure. They refuse to help him, but when he makes a hostage of the Invisible Girl, they have no choice but to comply. Upon their return, he sees that the FF have tricked him and brought back Blackbeard's treasure chest full of rocks. He then sends his giant robot to attack Mr. Fantastic, the Thing and Herbie the Robot. The Invisible Girl turns invisible and tampers with Doom's computer which disables the giant robot. The FF then leave Doom's castle to return home.


This episode is loosely based upon Fantastic Four #5, which was the first appearance of Doctor Doom.

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