"Calamity on the Campus"

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"Calamity on the Campus"

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Synopsis for "Calamity on the Campus"

On board a commercial airplane, the Fantastic Four are travelling to Gateway University in St. Louis where Reed is due to receive and honorary degree when the plane is hit by a mysterious flying object. Together, the Four save the plane and then travel to the university. Reed meets with the dean, Johnson and tells him of what happened with their plane, and that he saw the object fly back to the university. Johnson suspects what has happened and shows Reed to his old teacher, Professor Gilbert's laboratory. There Gilbert shows his former student his latest creation, a giant winged android called Dragon Man. He reveals that Dragon Man's test flight was responsible for accidentally striking the plane earlier. With the help of his assistant, George, Professor Gilbert demonstrates how Dragon Man works by using a thought helmet to control the android. Resentful of not receiving what he thinks is his due, Gilbert's assistant George takes control of the Dragon Man, and disrupts Reed's ceremony. Gilbert tells Reed that the only thing Dragon Man is vulnerable to is extreme cold, and so the Fantastic Four formulate a plan to stop the Dragon Man once and for all.


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This episode is loosely based upon Fantastic Four #35, which issue bears the same "Calamity on the Campus" title.

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