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In an effort to raise money for education, The Fantastic Four tell Dick Clark the origin of their amazing powers, and their first confrontation with The Puppet Master.

In the second part of the story, disguised Alicia and mesmerized Thing were inside the team’s headquarters. The Thing attacked the Torch and the team’s leader, Mister Fantastic. During the battle, Mister Fantastic succeeded in freeing the Thing from the Puppet Master’s control. Reed rescues Sue, but the Puppet Master had used a puppet to force a prison warden to set free his prisoners. The Fantastic Four recaptured the prisoners, however.

Alicia, meanwhile, was distraught to learn of her stepfather’s criminal actions. When he came to her bearing a puppet of himself dressed as a king, and told her how, having successfully tested his power, he planned to rule entire nations, Alicia grabbed his arm, protesting that no one should have so much power.


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