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The history of the Fantastic Four of Earth-1123, according to texts, are from an alternate version of Earth-772 home of the Fantastic Five, as such it is likely that their origins are the same. The group would be formed as the Fantastic Four much like their Earth-616 counterparts, followed by the later inclusion of Spider-Man to their roster. Much like in the 772 reality, this world's Susan Storm would leave the group and marry Namor the king of Atlantis.

The group would once more operate under the name Fantastic Four, with it's members being Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch and Spider-Man. Reed Richards would begin his research into the Negative Zone. They would transport the Reed Richards from the 616-Universes Counter-Earth, an evil being that could transform into a monstrous creature dubbed the Brute.

The Brute would in turn send the members of the Fantastic Four into the Negative Zone to presumably perish and take Reed Richard's place, eventually becoming President of the United States, becoming a regular enemy of Namor and Sue McKenzie. The fate of the remaining Fantastic Four members of Earth-1123 remains unrevealed and they are presumed to be deceased eve if their body was never found[1].

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