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The Fantastic Four of Earth-1228 were, in reality, the bullpen of Marvel Comics. One day, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Flo Steinberg, and Sol Brodsky were in the office when they got a package from the mysterious S People whom gifted them with a device that was supposed to provide them with their greatest fantasies. Opening the box, the group were be bombarded with cosmic rays instead and mutated to have super-human abilities. Stan had an elastic body, Sol burst into flame, Flo become invisible, and Jack mutated into a rock-like thing.

Deciding to learn who the S People were and finding a cure for their current mutated states, they called themselves the Fantastic Four and set themselves up in the Baxter Building and had many adventures, while maintaining their double lives as comic book publishers. They used these adventures as inspiration for a fictional Fantastic Four comic book which became very popular.

When they would go to the island owned by Dr. Morrow, they learned that he too had been mutated into a monster thanks to another one of the S People's boxes. Later, after convincing Jack to stay with the team, the group traveled to Atlantis, where the Sub-Mariner blamed the Fantastic Four for sending him a similar box. After a brief battle, the truth came out, and they decided that the threat must be coming from alien sources. Using Namor's extraterrestrial detector, they learned the alien invader was within the very throne room. The invader revealed himself to be a Skrull and explained that the boxes were a tool to turn the people of Earth into mindless slaves as part of their invasion plans. The Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner teamed up and chased the Skrull back to its base and destroyed it and all their boxes, ending their invasion threat. With no cure available, the Fantastic Four continued to operate as a team.[1]

In another adventure, the Fantastic Four were suddenly put in the presence of their reality's Watcher whom was forcibly transported in front of the group by the Heralds of Earth-9997 in an attempt to hopefully get the FF to eventually learn that their Earth had been impregnated with a Celestial embryo.[2] The outcome of this encounter remains unrevealed.

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