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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
(October 22, 2013)


The Fantastic Four of Earth-13122 have already been formed prior to the Lego Marvel Superheroes video game, and have shared adventures similar to the Earth-616 Fantastic Four. They are a well known superhero team with a good reputation and public identities. They own the Fantasticar and similar equipment. In the video game, Mr. Fantastic is unlocked after the first level, and the Human Torch is unlocked in the middle of the sixth. Invisible Woman is unlocked after the eighth level, and the Thing is finally unlocked at the beginning of the ninth. The entire roster is playable at once in the middle of the ninth level. In this, the Fantastic Four team up with Nick Fury in Latveria to defeat some Doombots and storm the castle, where the boss of this level is waiting for them. The boss is the Green Goblin, working for Dr. Doom. In order to do all of this, you need all four of the team. Besides mini-clips before, in-between, and after levels, this is the only time the Fantastic Four are all seen together. The only exception to this is during the Hub mission "House Party Protocol," unlocked after the game is beaten, where the Fantastic Four are partying (presumably if they've been invited to Stark Tower) as non-playable characters.[1]


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