The Fantastic Four's history is presumably similar to their Earth-616 counterparts'.

The Fantastic Four accompanied the Avengers and the X-Men to investigate the corpse of Galactus after Captain Marvel sent a distress signal. This turned out to be a trap set by the Respawned, intelligent zombies infected by a new breed of Brood parasites. The Fantastic Four were quickly all zombified while their allies were either killed or zombified as well.[1]

The Respawned then attacked Earth. During the attack on New York City, the Fantastic Four attacked Franklin and Valeria Richards and their ally Spider-Man so they could turn them, especially Franklin due to his powerful mutant abilities. Invisible Woman bit into Franklin, motivating Spider-Man into rescuing him and Valeria and fleeing.[2]

The Respawned wiped out nearly all of humankind.[3] Years later, the Fantastic Four and the Respawned moved into Limbo so they could invade the Multiverse, but first, they wanted to add Franklin to their ranks. So, they lured Franklin and the small group he was with into a trap and transported him to Limbo. When Invisible Woman tried turning him into a zombie, she discovered that his consciousness had been transferred into a new techno-organic body he didn't turn into a zombie. Franklin, Valeria, and their allies fought off the zombies until they were able to destroy the hive mind contained in Galactus' corpse, wiping out the Respawned, including the Fantastic Four.[4]



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