Information-silk Official Team Name
Fantastic Four
Information-silk Team Aliases
Fantastic Four
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Information-silk Base of Operations
The Baxter Building (Presumably)
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Information-silk Allies
The Avengers, Exiles
Information-silk Enemies
Doctor Doom, Ego, Ego's Antibodies
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After the Earth began to gain it's own consciousness, the Fantastic Four traveled to it's core to find out why it was attacking the people living on it, and seemed to disappear.

It turned out that Reed was able to convert the Fantasti-car they brought with them into a synaptic relay device, allowing him to guide the budding new life into full consciousness. He was successfully able to send some of the Earth's Anti-bodies to retrieve the Exiles from the surface, in order to recruit them into his plan to save the planet from Ego and the Celestials.


Transportation: A modified Fantasti-car

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