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Fantastic Four
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Mister Fantastic (deceased), Invisible Girl (deceased), Human Torch (deceased), Spider-Man (deceased), Ben Grimm (formally the Thing)


The past history of the Fantastic Four of Earth-7940, particularly their origins, closely mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts until early on in their career. While Mister Fantastic was in the process of moving the group from Central City to New Amsterdam their reality was visited by the Thing of Earth-616. Thing-616 believed that had traveled into his own past in the hopes of administering a cure for his mutation developed by the Mister Fantastic of his own reality, unaware that he was actually in a parallel dimension. Thing-616 battled his Earth-7940 counterpart to a standstill and administered the cure, changing him back to Ben Grimm. With his mission over, the Thing of Earth-616 returned to his native reality. [1]

Without powers, Ben Grimm left the group to start a nomral life. To fill the gap in their membership, the Fantastic Four allowed Spider-Man join their ranks. This new incarnation of the team battled foes such as Doctor Doom and the Mole Man. However the team met their demise at the hands of the world devourer known as Galactus. Unprepared for this attack the Fantastic Four were easily slain by Galactus, who later slew the rest of Earth's heroes before draining Earth of its life energies and departing, leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces.

The group was survived by Ben Grimm, who led resistance fighters in overthrowing the recently revived Red Skull who came to power after Galactus. [2]

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