Fantastic Four (Earth-9031)

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This incarnation of the superhero team known as the Fantastic Four all developped the same superpowers, namely those of the Human Torch, rather than each getting an individual power.

Despite their similar powers, they all have their own distinct appearances however while flamed on. They become the Fantastic Four and use their fire abilities to be heroes. The team performs well for a little while, beating Moleman and the Skrulls. Then they fight Miracle Man, who brings a statue of a monster to life. In the battle with the reanimated statue, an abandoned building catches fire. The team however decides that, since the building is condemned already, there’s no reason they shouldn’t just go bring in Miracle Man and then use their powers to stop the fire once they’re finished. Unbeknown to them however, a single mother waitress and her daughter had taken up residence in the building.

When the team finally comes back to put out the fire, they find an exhausted firefighter with a dead little girl in his arms and a mother screaming at them for being murderers. Horrified by how they unintentionally let a little girl die, the team disbands for good.

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