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Thing, presumably a version of the Human Torch and Invisible Woman, however this has not been confirmed.


On Earth-9061 history took a much different course during World War II. In this reality, Russia had taken full control of Germany after the defeat of Axis powers in 1944. This difference in history resulted in the Cold War continuing on well into the modern age of this reality. [1] When Russian leader Josef Stalin died, the Russian government created a robot with the help of Hollywood movie producers to resembled their leader and led the public to believe that Stalin continued to live thanks to cybernetic enhancements that kept him alive and vital. [2]

The Stalinbot was then used to escalate hostilities between the United States and Russia during a period where t he Fantastic Four of this reality were off trying to destroy the Bubble at the Heart of Time in the future of Earth-8810. While they were gone the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 arrived in this reality from their own mission to stop the Time-Bubble, believing this to be their native reality. [1]

When this Fantastic Four returned to their native reality, it was after their Earth-616 counterparts had just stopped the Russians from setting off a nuclear war. Mister Fantastic later found a file on his desk left by his Earth-616 counterpart that informed him that members of the State Department have replaced government officials with robot duplicates. [2]

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