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The past history of the Fantastic Four of Earth-9997 mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts. In recent history, Reed and Sue's son Franklin had reached an age where he was made a member of the team. At some point, Reed had changed Galactus into a star. During this period, Reed Richards would try to solve the worlds energy needs by creating a series of beacon towers that would power the world using Vibranium. An accident would cause an explosion in one of the towers, its fallout would be transmitted across the other beacons. This explosion will initially be blamed for what caused the entire human race to mutate (In reality, it was Black Bolt releasing the Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere, but this would not be revealed until many years later.)

During this period, Dr. Doom would convince the Sub-Mariner to attack the United Nations who were meeting to try and find a solution to a global food shortage. The Fantastic Four and Captain America would be sent to stop them. During the battle, the Human Torch would be killed by the Sub-Mariner. This would drive Franklin to curse Namor to burn forever, forcing the undersea monarch to flee. Dr. Doom and the Invisible Woman would be killed when Dr. Doom unleashed an explosion meant to kill Reed Richards.

The Fantastic Four would disband at that point. Ben would end up marrying his long time sweetheart Alicia Masters (who was gifted with the power to create life) and they would have two children, Buzz and Chuck, who would have the same mutation as their father. Reed and Franklin would be asked by the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock and the High Evolutionary to restore the balance in the universe when Reed disrupted when he turned Galactus into a star. To facilitate this, they boosted Franklin's evolution and changed him into a new Galactus who returned to space with the Silver Surfer becoming his herald once more.

Reed would later taken on Dr. Doom's identity, and become a recluse in Latveria, trying to figure out what caused all of humanity to mutate and try and find a cure. The return of the Inhuman Royal Family would herald a reunion of the Fantastic Four. While in space the Inhumans would come across the bodies of the Eternals, floating in space encased in Vibranium in space where a planet should have been. Their investigations found that the planet had been destroyed from within. They would first go to Ben's home and learn of Reed's location. Eventually, Reed would be charged with trying to find the Inhuman nation in a world of mutants. With Ben, he would use Charles Xavier's Cerebro Machine to try and find the Inhumans, and that's when they learned that everyone on Earth was somehow an Inhuman. They would soon learn that everyone was mutated by the release of Terrigen Mists in to Earth's atmosphere, and that Black Bolt was responsible.

When this sped up humanities evolution hundreds of years ahead of its time, it would cause the Celestials to come to Earth to pass their final judgment. Reed would learn from X-51 that the Celestials manipulated humanities DNA to act as antibodies for a Celestial embryo implanted in Earth's core. With the help of Black Bolt, Reed would summon Galactus (really Reed's son Franklin) who would turn back the Celestials and upon Reed's request, destroy the Celestial embryo but spare the people of Earth.

Afterwords, Reed would begin building the Human Torches, devices built out of the remains of his relay towers to burn the Terrigen Mists out of Earth's atmosphere in the hopes of returning humanity to its early state. This would be met with opposition, especially since most attributed the Torches to the changes in Earth's environment (this in reality would be caused by the loss of Vibranium when Galactus destroyed the Celestial growing in Earth's core.)
With the rebirth of Mar-Vell on Earth, Mar-Vell would aid in the resurrection of Susan Richards so that Reed could have renewed hope to save the world. Susan would be by Reed side in Latveria. They would also be joined by Buzz and Chuck while Ben and Alicia would be sent on a mission to carve Captain America's face into the side of Mount Rushmore following the star-spangled Avenger's death.

Reed, Susan and the boys would be attacked by what appeared to be followers of Immortus (who vowed to take down Reed's Torches believing the mutated humanity had their destiny in the stars) but it was also an attack being made by the Tong of Creel to secure a piece of Creel that was trusted to Reed Richards, it also led to the theft of Dr. Doom's time machine. They would be saved by the arrival of Ransak the Reject and the Monster Generation. When all seemed lost, Reed decided it was best to leave the planet with the Inhumans, however the world was eventually saved.

When Mar-Vell succeeded in killing Death, it made it so that nobody in the land of the living would ever die. Reed would have the Torches converted into giant hospital for the growing legion of the undying. Reed, Ben, and the boys would then travel to Florida to revive Jude the Entropic Man, and have him become the new Death. After some manipulations by Mephisto, in which he attempted to unleash Jude on Susan Richards, they convinced Jude to only take the lives of those who wished to die.

When it was learned that Mar-Vell's Paradise was expanding into the Negative Zone, Reed would travel in into Paradise where he would confront Mar-Vell. After their meeting, Mar-Vell would give Reed the his powers, giving Reed the power of Eternity. His first goal would be to find his son Franklin, and bring him back home.



In the past, they presumably had the same equipment as their Earth-616 counterparts. In present time, the FF had access to all the devices in the Baxter Building (Which was now a museum), and Dr. Doom's castle.


In the past, they presumably had the same weapons as their Earth-616 counterparts. In present time, the FF had access to all the devices in the Baxter Building (Which was now a museum), and Dr. Doom's castle.


In the past, they presumably had the same transportation as their Earth-616 counterparts. In present time, the FF had access to all the devices in the Baxter Building (Which was now a museum), and Dr. Doom's castle.

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