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The story of these Fantastic Four follows the same path of their Earth-13266 counterpart up to the point the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 arrived to this universe.

The Fantastic Four encountered Earth-616's Fantastic Four as they had to attend their Human Torch, whose powers were out of control (as well as those of his teammates) and couldn't flame off, and would die of dehydration in less than a day, and offered to help.[1]

Fantastic Four (Earth-TRN379) 001

Using the device with which they took the essence of their powers, Mr. Fantastic started re-transferring their powers from Earth-616's Fantastic Four to them. But Ant-Man blew his cover as Doom's double agent when he used a stasis field into the Fantastic Four, causing them to stand still, in order to prevent them from interfering in Doom's plans. Earth-616's Fantastic Four convinced him to help them deactivate the field, using the temporal anomaly which was Jean Grey.

After rescuing Marvel Girl from Doctor Doom, who was using her as the blind spot she was for Kang, Earth-616's Fantastic Four managed to rescue the Fantastic Four and finish the power re-transfering, just in time as Doctor Doom became Doom the Annihilating Conqueror after stealing Kang's powers.[2]

As the combined forces of both teams of Fantastic Four failed to defeat Doom, Earth-616's Mr. Fantastic suggested to combine their powers. But as the Fantastic Four's bodies weren't conditioned to receive extra powers, Earth-616's Fantastic Four decided to be the ones who had their abilities enhanced. With their powers augmented, Earth-616's Fantastic Four faced Doom, and ultimately defeated him when he was hit with and scattered across time and space by the Fantastic Four's time/space ship.

Using the device for a final time, the Fantastic Four recovered their powers from Earth-616's Fantastic Four. While Earth-616's Fantastic Four recovered for two days from the re-transferral, the Fantastic Four built a statue homaging them. After fully recovered, Earth-616's Fantastic Four bid farewell and returned to their reality.[3]

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