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Skrull Fantastic Four Zombies
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Skrull Fantastic Four
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After the Skrulls were unable to recreate Super Skrull, they imbued four Skrulls with the same powers as the Fantastic Four.
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Little was detailed about the Skrull Fantastic Four before the zombie plague arrived on the Skrull Home-world of Reality-2149, though they may been deliberately created after the Skrulls were unable to recreate Super-Skrull.

While in the catacombs beneath the Skrull city, Lyja bumped into Johnny Storm who, along with the rest of the new Fantastic Four, had been targeted as threats. As they attacked, Skrull Torch was zapped by Storm. Elastic Skrull threatened to suffocate Black Panther but was electrocuted for his troubles. Meanwhile, Skrull Thing got clobbered by Thing.

Lyja held Johnny in a force grip, while T’Challa and Storm explained that the zombies who had come from the sky had nothing to with them, and they wanted to help. The eight of them then made their way to the Skrull Command Centre.

When a zombified Luke Cage burst into the Command Centre, the new Fantastic Four and Skrull Fantastic Four attacked. But finding the zombie to be extremely powerful, they decided to fall back to an escape ship. With Cage in hot pursuit the Skrull Fantastic Four had no choice but to defend the others as they made their escape. But even as the ship took off, they were fighting a losing battle, and became infected.

The newly zombified Skrull Fantastic Four watched the escape ship unexpectedly lose power and crash back to the ground, at which point they tore through the hull, and faced the new Fantastic Four. They didn’t come out of it well. Lyja decapitated. The Elastic Skrull was first electrocuted, then stabbed with an energy blade, and finally torched to a crisp. Skrull Thing was encased in molten metal. The Skrull Torch was impaled on a spike and then blasted by a Power Cosmic Luke Cage.[1]

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