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Susan Richards

Appearing in "Let There Be... Life!"

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  • Flight Harnesses (First appearance)
  • Fantastic Four repellor units
  • Annihilus's raiding ship
  • Annihilus's rail plane
  • Annihilus's Flying Gun-Ship

Synopsis for "Let There Be... Life!"

With Sue about to give birth at any moment, her life is at risk unless Reed can secure Element X, an element only found from a single source in the Negative Zone, that will save her and the baby's life from the risk posed by the very cosmic rays in Sue's body.

Traveling into the Negative Zone, Reed, Ben, and Johnny are captured by Annihilus, whose Cosmic Control Rod has the element that Reed needs; however Annihilus, obsessed with the immortality the rod provides refuses to part with it. Stealing the rod, Reed, Johnny and Ben are chased all over the Negative Zone dodging the various threats and opponents set against them by Annihilus.

Trapped on a floating rock drifting towards the barrier between positive and negative matter (and a very explosive death), Reed is forced to give up the Rod to Annihilus, but not without siphoning out some of the Element X needed to save Sue and the baby's life. Escaping Annihilus and returning to the positive matter universe, Reed and the others rush to the hospital with the element. Some time later, Sue gives birth to a healthy baby boy with no further complications.


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  • The issues following this one consist of reprints of earlier Fantastic Four stories, they do not return to original stories until Fantastic Four Annual #11.

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