Quote1 Lucky for us our children knew how to push our buttons. They were 'playing' us, dear. Quote2
-- Invisible Woman

Appearing in "Hothouse"

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  • Flower from pocket dimension

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  • Obedience Collars
  • Omni-Wave Cannon


Synopsis for "Hothouse"

The Thing and Mister Fantastic are exploring a pocket dimension but have run into trouble when one of the carnivorous plants tries to eat Ben. Reed frees Ben and they manage to escape without further trouble.

At the Baxter Building, Reed has contained a plant sample that he believes that can be transplanted on Earth so it can produce five hundred times the amount of wood pulp. Valeria points out that plants from other dimensions don't tend to fare well on their world. While Reed agrees they have to find out if this sample can or not. While Reed and Sue wonder what to get Valeria for her birthday, Ben has brought his own plant which he and Franklin are going to give her on the big day. While down in the parking garage, Johnny is heading off on a hot date when suddenly a level 5 lockdown is initiated, trapping him in the Baxter Building. The group meets in the briefing room where Reed tells them that they have to remain quarantined. He explains that his recent exploration has brought back something from that pocket dimension is the reason. He recounts how Ben was attacked and the fluid in the plant infected him and it has spread to Ben. Reed assures them that they will be fine in 48 hours due to their altered chemistry, but they can't risk exposing the outside world.

However, after the first day, the Fantastic Four are already at each others throats. By noon, Johnny is upset that Reed has shut down all forms of communication with the outside to do some work. Later, the Thing brings something up out of storage for Sue. She later returns the favor by sandblasting his stony body as this helps with his hygiene better. Johnny later plays a rock-n-roll simulator with the kids. However, when they rank higher than him, Johnny loses his temper and uses his flame to blow up the television. Later that day on the roof, the Thing's reading is interrupted by Reed who has discovered that Ben brought a plant from the other dimension, although the plant scans harmless, Reed still destroys it -- seemingly out of spite.

By that evening the Fantastic Four are becoming increasingly emotional, worrying the children. Particularly in the case of the Invisible Woman, who has been subjugating LMDs of Reed. Valeria thinks something is wrong and noticed that they keep on going down to a utility closet that has been locked. The pair use a spy camera to find out what's in the storage closet. They are shocked to discover that the plant that their father had seemingly vaporized is in that room. Reviewing the security tapes they discover that Reed has pretended to vaporize the flower. Valeria theorizes that the flower is somehow affecting the adults, or at least those with fully developed brains. Moments later, Valeria sends out a message on the intercom telling the members of the Fantastic Four that she is taking over control of the team.

The Fantastic Four come rushing into the lab where they find that Valeria has Franklin restrained. Valeria explains that she is going to prove that she is fit to lead by eliminating Franklin because his dormant powers are a threat to them all. The threat on Franklin's life causes the Fantastic Four to snap out of the plant's control. While Reed and Sue disable Valeria's Omni-Wave Cannon, Johnny and Ben break into the storage closet and destroy the flower. With the flower destroyed the Fantastic Four snap out of its control. In the aftermath of the battle, Reed examines the remains of the flower and learns that it subsisted on their minds, but points out that their strong connection as a family was able to fight against it. Shortly thereafter the Fantastic Four and the children head off to New Jersey for some sushi.

Appearing in "The Eyes Have It!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Fantastic Four #237.

Synopsis for "The Eyes Have It!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Fantastic Four #237.

Solicit Synopsis

  • When Reed and Ben return from an excursion in a pocket dimension, they bring a nasty toxin back with them that requires The Fantastic Four to place themselves under quarantine in the Baxter Building for two days. No big deal, right?
  • Wrong! What starts out as a series of petty squabbles along the lines of a typical episode of The Real World quickly escalates to Def-Con 5 level life-and-death grudge matches that put Reed and Sue, Ben and Johnny at each other's throats.
  • With all the adults going insane, it's up to young Valeria and Franklin to save the day - and their family - before no one under the Baxter roof is left alive!


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