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Quote1 It is easy for me to talk about not being alone. Even now--when it's just Tony and me--there's this "4" on my chest. Next to my heart. The constant reminder I wear that my family is always with me--even when they're a world away. Quote2
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The Fantastic Four's costumes and the rest of their wardrobe, are made of "unstable molecules". This means that the suit is attuned to their powers, which is why Johnny's costume doesn't burn when he "flames on," Sue's costume turns invisible when she does, and Reed's costume stretches with him. The costume also insulates them from electrical assaults. A full body suit was also given to The Thing but he ripped through the top half before starting their first mission using them.[1]


Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 3 0001

Thing discards his costume

In addition, the team's uniforms are also, in essence, wearable computers.[citation needed] Their costumes have a complete data processing and telemetry system woven into the material of the uniform on a molecular level.[citation needed] This forms a network with the entire team, providing a constant, real-time uplink of everyone's physical condition as well as their location and current situation.[citation needed] The uniforms are capable of displaying data and touch-pad controls on the gloves. Its sensors can track all of the team's uniforms and provide a picture of their immediate vicinity.[citation needed] The suits have an intricate scanner system which can detect things around the wearer, from how many people are in the next room to what dimension or planet they are on. Reed can also up-link the bodysuit to any computer by stretching his fingertips to filament size and plugging them in to an I/O data-port.[citation needed] With this, Reed can establish a fairly comprehensive database of any computer's cybernetic protocols and encryption algorithms.[citation needed]

Future Foundation Uniform[]

Future Foundation (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 13 cover

The third generation of unstable molecules was able to let Spider-Man change his suit coloring and markings, allowing him to switch between his Future Foundation outfit and his regular outfit.[2][3]

The unstable molecules can also be altered to create a unhackable and indestructible data storage unit, such as the Omegadrive.[4]


  • Any image that depicts members of the Fantastic Four is likely to also depict a version of the suit.


Susan Storm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 6 001

Special Belt Buckle

  • In early iterations, members of the Fantastic Four wore a special belt buckle that contained a solenoid activator. It was used to grant them access to the special elevator in the Baxter Building that would take them to floors 31-35 where their headquarters were located.[5]

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