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The Incredible Hulk

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Synopsis for "The Thing -- Amok!"

Having quit the Fantastic Four, the Thing is running amok in the streets of New York City. After shoving traffic out of his way and wrecking a construction site when its workers get in his way, the Thing attracts the attention of the police. Before they can catch up with him, Ben steals a trench coat and transforms into his human form when he rounds the corner. When the police arrive, unaware that Ben has gained this new power, they are sent on a wild goose chase. Having been keeping tabs on reports of the Thing in the city, Johnny insists on going after Ben. Reed allows him to do so but warns Johnny to observe only the situation. Moments later, Reed and Sue thank Agatha Harkness for saving Reed from the Negative Zone. When she prepares to take Franklin back to Whisper Hill, Sue offers to join her. Before they leave, Reed apologizes to her for the recent troubles their marriage has been having. Reed then ponders how to solve the problem with the Thing, realizing that his change in personality has been caused by the experiment that recently allowed Ben to transform between human and Thing forms.[1]

Meanwhile, the Human Torch continues his search through the city for Ben. Spotting the Torch overhead, Ben transforms into the Thing and attacks, causing a battle between the two former friends. During the course of the battle, the Thing decides to retreat by smashing through the ground and escaping, leaving Johnny to deal with the angry mob that has been formed in response to the damage their battle has caused. Shocked that the public could turn on him so quickly, Johnny flames on and makes a hasty retreat himself. While at the Daily Bugle, news about the Torch and Thing's battle reaches editor J. Jonah Jameson, who is on another anti-super-hero tirade. Ignoring Peter Parker's requests to look at photos and angry that his city editor Joe Robertson refuses to write an anti-Fantastic Four editorial, Jameson is content to do the job himself and storms out of the room.

Back at the Baxter Building, Reed is hard at work trying to find a solution when he is suddenly interrupted by Walter Collins -- the owner of the Baxter Building. Collins has come to tell Reed that he is evicting the Fantastic Four from the building, pointing out the massive crowd that has appeared around the building to protest against the Fantastic Four. Furious that Collins could be more concerned about his bottom line during a crisis, Reed angrily chases Walter from his laboratory and resumes his work. Elsewhere in the city, the Thing decides to rob a bank. Before he can complete his task, he is attacked by the Torch again. Wrapped in a sheet of metal, the Torch's flame is snuffed out, and the Thing manages to escape again. When the authorities come and free Johnny from the trap, he flames on and flies off to continue his hunt. Sue watches the news unfold on television and debates going to the aid of her teammates but decides to stay in Whisper Hill when baby Franklin begins to cry. Sue is worries when Franklin seems to be crying for his father, leaving her to wonder what it means.

In the city, the Thing decides to try and rob another bank, only to learn that the authorities have laid a trap for him. The authorities are no match for the Thing, who manages to smash through their barricade and flee in a stolen car. At that very moment, Johnny answers a Fantasti-Flare fired by Reed. Following the instructions from his brother-in-law, Johnny then writes a flaming message in the sky, calling for Bruce Banner's assistance. Seeing this call for help in the sky, Banner takes a cab toward the Baxter Building. Unfortunately, on the way they happen upon the Thing's rampage through the city. The stress of seeing Ben causing so much chaos triggers Banner's transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk smashes out of the cab and announces himself to the Thing, telling his greatest rival that, this time, he intends to kill.

Solicit Synopsis

The rampaging Thing turns the city of New York into a blazing battleground, as he attacks the Torch and Mr. Fantastic! And then - enter Bruce Banner! It's dynamite!


Continuity Notes

  • This marks the first appearance of Walter Collins the landlord of the Baxter Building. Collins has owned the Baxter Building since Reed was forced to sell it in Fantastic Four #9. Collins will continue to antagonize the Fantastic Four until Reed finally purchases back the property in Fantastic Four #244. Collins appears again in Fantastic Four #114, continuing to try and evict the Fantastic Four from the property.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from Jay Sheldon, Karl Hiinemann, Bud Humphrey, William T. Hayes, Todd Lowenstein, and Kendall Morris.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #586-Z.


  • The Torch flies past a billboard with the slogan "Drink Pep".

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