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Quote1.png For so it has ever been in the universe. Every ending brings forth a new beginning -- Each beginnig must have its end -- Quote2.png
Uatu the Watcher

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Synopsis for "The Secret of the Eternals"

After being contacted by the witch Agatha Harkness, the Watcher has agreed to explain to the Fantastic Four the origins of the being known as the Over-Mind.

He shows them a distant galaxy where centuries ago existed the planet Eternus, home of the Eternals, a warrior race who had mastered science and conquered death. They went out into the stars, enslaving every world they came in contact with. Having subjugated the known universe, the Eternals then began amusing themselves by pitting their alien slaves against their greatest warriors in arena combat. One of their greatest warriors was a man named Grom who won the title of Champion of Champions among the Eternals. However, the Eternals soon became aware of the massive planet of Gigantus, a world that dwarfed galaxies. The Gigantians soon became aware that the Eternals sought to conquer their world and prepared to oppose their attackers.

The Eternals found that the task of conquering Gigantus was difficult due to the massive size of that world. Ultimately, they decided to destroy the entire world instead of enslaving it. As Gigantus was destroyed by massive bombs, some survivors managed to escape the death of their home world. The Watcher explained that the ruins of Gigantus spread across the known universe and eventually formed into new worlds and stars. The last survivors of Gigantus then flew their ships to Eternus and attacked. As their world crumbled around them, the greatly diminished Eternals all transferred their minds into one being -- Grom. Reborn into the Over-Mind, the rulers of Eternus placed him in a state of suspended animation and launched him into space. There the Over-Mind slumbered for centuries until the faithful day that he would awaken and strike at the universe in revenge for his people. Finishing his tale, the Watcher tells the Fantastic Four that is all he can tell and that he can offer no aid before teleporting away.

As the Fantastic Four begin wondering what to do next, Reed turns uncharacteristically cold toward his teammates, telling them that he can stop the Over-Mind without them, as they always hamper his work. The Thing quickly clues in that Reed must be under the control of the Over-Mind. With the truth revealed, Mister Fantastic begins attacking his teammates. The Fantastic Four try to subdue Reed, but he is too smart for them, managing to escape thanks to his malleable body. Reed's departure leaves the Fantastic Four to wonder how they can stop the Over-Mind, and not harm Reed in the process, let alone face an entire world that has appeared to turn against them.

Solicit Synopsis

The origin of the awesome Over-Mind! Reed Richards turns against the F.F.! Talk about Marvel milestones!


Continuity Notes

  • The Eternals pictured here should not be confused with the Eternals of Earth that first appeared in Eternals #1.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • This issue marks the departure of Stan Lee as regular writer of the Fantastic Four, providing only the plot, while Archie Goodwin provides the actual story. Goodwin continues as writer until Fantastic Four #118.
  • This issue does not feature a letters page. In its place is an advertisement, with color cover reproductions, of Conan #10 and Defenders #1.

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