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Quote1.png Everybody sells out, Richards--you know that! But some of us have higher prices than others! Quote2.png
Albert DeVoor

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Synopsis for "Finale!"

In order to save three universes from destruction and prevent Arkon from syphoning the nuclear energy from the three dying worlds through a Nexus portal, the Thing must close the portal with a special device. Only one problem: Arkon has put a defender in place, a hockey inspired being of immense power called Gaard. Try as he might, Ben cannot slip the special disc past Gaard, who's superior skill on a pair of skate-like devices that allow them to move through the dimensional corridor among the Nexus and the three Earths. When Ben considers giving up, he is contacted telepathically by Mr. Fantastic who reminds him that three worlds hang in the balance.

Watching on a monitor screen from their world, Reed and Sue go over Arkon's plot to turn all three worlds against one another by sending his agent Albert DeVoor (under the guise of three false companies) to purchase technologies from each of the three worlds: The Fantastic Four's Earth, the alternate reality of Earth-A, and the Fifth Dimension and pit all three against each other hoping that the nuclear fallout would repower Arkon's world. DeVoor explains to them that Arkon designed the gateway to the Nexus so that it could only fit two people so that his chosen guardian known as Gaard would be unmatched against anyone who would happen to try and stop him.

Their attention called to Arkon's world, they witness as the Thing from Earth-A (that reality's Reed Richards) and the Human Torch has appeared on Arkon's world, fighting through his defences forcing their way into Arkon's throne room. There, Arkon has the upper hand with his D-Bolts until the Human Torch burns away the strap making them fall loose, making for an easy defeat.

With time running out, Reed Richards uses the devices at his disposal to project an image of his Earth-A counterpart into the Nexus to confuse Gaar into thinking that there are two Things in his realm. Thoughtlessly tossing his "hockey stick" at the phantom image of the Reed-Thing, Ben gets the opener that he needs: Slamming Gaard aside, he throws the device into the Nexus portal, closing it for good. With his goal over with, Gaard skates away allowing Ben to go free. After Ben leaves, Gaard unmasks revealing himself to be Earth-A's version of Johnny Storm, who was long-since thought to have been killed in Vietnam, but was rescued and reformed into Gaard by Arkon.

With the threat passed, Ben and Johnny return to their native realities where hey rejoice their victor with their fellow Fantastic Four members. When Alicia arrives with young Franklin she is curious to know if it's really her Ben who has come home, and he shows her by picking her up in a hug and giving her a kiss.


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