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Appearing in "When Giants Walk the Sky!"

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Synopsis for "When Giants Walk the Sky!"

With the Fantastic Four stranded on other worlds, the High Evolutionary has increased his size in order to battle Galactus to save Counter-Earth from being the world devourers next meal. Attempting to appeal to Galactus one more time, the High Evolutionary has to admit that the Fantastic Four have failed in finding a replacement world willing to let Galactus consume it and is forced to resort to physical combat to stop Galactus. The battle is very brief as Galactus banishes the High Evolutionary to the Negative Zone and begins drawing his machines from his World Ship in order to consume Counter-Earth.

Just then, Mr. Fantastic and the Thing find themselves transported to Counter-Earth by some unknown means. Surprised to find themselves back on the world they have come to save the two are also joined by the Human Torch and Gorr who are likewise teleported to Counter-Earth. They waste no time in trying to stop Galactus from completing his task. Detecting something different about the Thing, Galactus blasts him with cosmic eye beams which seemingly has no effect on him.

During the fight, Sue teleports on site and tells Galactus that she found a suitable world for him to consume. She shows him the world that he has not seen before, however, when he sees the people of the planet beaconing him to come, Galactus gathers up his devices and heads toward the planet immediately. As Galactus departs the High Evolutionary returns from the Negative Zone to learn that his created world has been spared. Resuming his original size he takes Gorr and the Fantastic Four to his asteroid to investigate. They watch as Galactus consumes his world and is suddenly wracked with pain as he absorbs the energy. The High Evolutionary, feeling kinsman-ship with Galactus attempts to save his life by speeding up his evolution turning him into a giant brain, however, this proves to be too little too late and Galactus is seemingly destroyed.

With Galactus destroyed, the heroes are surprised when another Sue Richards enters the room. This one proves to be the real Sue and the one who showed Galactus a planet to consume was in reality the Impossible Man. The Impossible Man explains that Sue was teleported to his world, in learning of her plight he decided to help out. He explains that the reason why his people agreed to pose as a suitable planet for consumption is because they all evolved to the point where they shared the same mind, and in consuming their entire planet the group mind would live on in the single remaining Impossible Man. He goes on to explain that his planet must have been difficult to digest and that Galactus likely died of terminal digestion. In repayment for offering up his home planet, the Impossible Man asks that the Fantastic Four adopt him and take him back to Earth with them.

Using Gorr's ship to return to Earth, Ben begins to feel strange, and as he removes his exo-suit he suddenly mutates back into his Thing form, breaking the suit into pieces.


Continuity Notes[]

  • The members of the Fantastic Four and the High Evolutionary make reference to how many people live on Earth (between 3 and 4 billion). However, this should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
  • The Thing's powers return at the end of this story after they were taken away from him at the end of Fantastic Four #167. Although the exo-suit is destroyed here, Reed eventually rebuilds it, and Ben uses it again during another period in which he lost his powers in Fantastic Four #327. He wore it again during the Atlantis Attacks crisis, starting in Avengers Annual #18.

Continuity Errors[]

  • When the Impossible Man poses as Sue he does not appear in his trademark purple-and-green color scheme. As established in New Mutants Annual #3, Poppupians cannot change their color, only their shape... at least this has been the usual constant after. Impossible Man had to this point in time only appeared in two comics, this one and Fantastic Four #11, and Impy showed no such color-scheme restriction. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #5 provides a possible loophole, explaining his color limitation may have been brought about after the destruction of Poppup.

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