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Synopsis for ""Look Out for the Frightful Four""

After reading a classified ad in the newspaper about auditions for a new member of the Frightful Four happening at the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four arrive at their base to find that the ad is true and the three mainstays of the Frightful Four -- Wizard, Trapster and Sandman -- are truly there waiting for potential applicants for their fourth member. The Fantastic Four battle their evil counterparts and during the fight one of the Wizard's anti-gravity discs strikes a nearby television turning it on instantly distracting the Impossible Man.

As the Fantastic Four chase after the Frightful Four, they fall for one of the Trapster's hologram traps, incapacitated and are bound in restraints preventing them from using their powers. The Frightful Four then begin calling in their applicants, much to the dismay of landlord Walter Collins, who can't get the police to do anything because there are no wanted criminals on the site or anyone doing anything illegal.

Their first interview is with a man calling himself Osprey who has no powers, furious at his fringe interest in super-villainy, the Wizard disposes of him with a anti-gravity disk which causes him to fly out. The Fantastic Four are told by Wizard that the anti-gravity disk will set Osprey down somewhere in the South Bronx. The Wizard then states on the intercom that anyone who doesn't have superpowers doesn't need to audition to be a possible member of the Frightful Four....or else.

Their next inductee is a man calling himself the Texas Twister who has the power to control tornadoes. He explains that he got his powers when being exposed to radioactivity when he was swept up in a tornado that plowed through a nuclear power plant. When he learns that the Frightful Four doesn't have a salary system, he rejects a position and walk out.

Thundra passed herself off as an auditioner with the secret motive to try and free the captured Fantastic Four. However, Thundra is easily taken out by one of the Trapster's traps and is bound up with the FF.

Their next inductee is a man calling himself is Captain Ultra, who exhibits super-strength and the power of flight. However, he proves to have a phobia to fire when the Wizard lights up a cigarette in front of him and passes out, leading to his rejection.

The next inductee is Tigra, who is only posing as someone interested in joining the Frightful Four only to get close enough to the controls to free the Fantastic Four. She only succeeds in freeing the Human Torch and the Thing.

Caught off guard, the Wizard calls all the would-be villains in the lobby to come help them. All of the applicants flee except for one who reveals himself to be the Brute and bursts into the room, taking on the Thing. While the Wizard, Trapster and Sandman incapacitate Tigra and the Torch, the Brute holds his own against the Thing and defeats him by opening the portal to the Negative Zone, sucking Ben into the anti-matter universe.

Impressed at the Brute's strength, the Wizard welcomes him to the Frightful Four, the Brute then reverts to his human form and reveals himself to be the Reed Richards of Counter-Earth.


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