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Appearing in "Trapped in the Sargasso of Space!"

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Synopsis for "Trapped in the Sargasso of Space!"

The New Champions and the rest of the Fantastic Four look on as Reed huddles over the new device he has been constructing, a device that will allow Reed computer access away from the Baxter Building and will aid the four in their search for Galactus. As Ben looks on dismayed, Reed introduces the robot H.E.R.B.I.E. to the assembled heroes. Reed asks the robot to plot a course to the Omega Star System which it does almost instantaneously, and Master Xar reveals that the Living Computers of Xandar aided Reed in its design. After a quick review of the situation, the FF and the New Champions go their separate ways, the FF taking the fastest Xandarian ship at the behest of Queen Adora. Aboard his flagship, Emperor Dorrek rages at the routing of the Skrull fleet by a single Xandarian Prime Thoran, and just as he is about to retreat to the Skrull homeworld he is cut down by the Empress R'Klll's energy weapon. R'Klll declares herself head of the Skrull Empire and order the Skrull fleet to regroup in preparation for a final assault.

As the FF travel at warp speed in search of Galactus, they discover an astonishing interstellar graveyard full of millions of spaceships. Furthermore, H.E.R.B.I.E. detects a breathable atmosphere outside the ship, and the Fantastic Four's curiosity demands they investigate. Outside they become aware of a robotic tentacle protruding from a nearby ship and decide to investigate. There they find a wounded alien called Grogarr, who claims to have been transporting criminals from his race only to be overpowered by them. As Grogarr breathes his last, Ben determines that in spite of the urgency of their own mission the FF should take the time to bring the criminals to justice, but as he leaves to do so he trips a booby trap and laser cannons fire on the FF. Using Sue's force field as a shield Ben quickly disables the weapons and the four resume their search. As Johnny scouts on ahead he is attacked by the alien criminals, and as they battle the team Reed soon realizes that the attack is a diversion so they can steal the Fantastic Four's ship. Ben and Reed subdue the remaining aliens and the heroes return to their ship to find the alien hijacker lying dead on the deck of their ship. As the remaining alien criminals are put into stasis chambers and left in space with a homing beacon the FF continue their voyage, but Ben still worries about the dead alien and openly suspects H.E.R.B.I.E. of complicity in the death.


Continuity Notes

  • When Reed suggests that they go searching for Galactus, the Thing points out how Galactus seemingly perished after eating the planet Poppup in Fantastic Four #175. Galactus, however, has survived as revealed next issue.
  • This is the last appearance of Emperor Dorrek VII and is replaced by his wife R'Kill. Here are some facts about the Skrulls hierarchy at this time:
    • Dorrek VII is survived by his daughter Anelle and his grandson Dorrek VIII, who is the son of Anelle and Captain Marvel. Both were last chronologically seen in Young Avengers #10 when Anelle hid her hybrid Kree/Skrull son on Earth.
    • R'Klll gains the throne of the empire and remains empress of the Skrulls until the Skrull homeworld is destroyed by Galactus in Fantastic Four #257.

Publication Notes

  • Shooter is credited as consultant.
  • No letters page is published in this issue.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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