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Reed Richards

Appearing in "The Possession of Franklin Richards!"

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Synopsis for "The Possession of Franklin Richards!"

With Franklin back from Whisper Hill, Sue devotes some quality parenting time to her son, though Reed has other plans for his time and takes the subway to the New York Public Library. Ben, who is going to a movie, accompanies Reed part of the way. Elsewhere, in the dimension know as the Dark Realm, Nicholas Scratch ponders his imprisonment at the hands of the Fantastic Four and his mother Agatha Harkness.

Seeking an escape from his otherworldly prison he senses an extra-dimensional portal he hopes will lead to him gaining revenge on his enemies, and so uses his eldritch powers to exploit the gateway. Johnny, meanwhile, is racing cars on a circuit in New Jersey. After a record-breaking lap he is courted by several admirers, one of which, a young lady by the name of Lorrie Melton, takes a shine to the Fantastic Four's youngest member. Back at the Baxter Building, Sue and Franklin are playing hide and seek. Franklin hides in the Negative Zone chamber at precisely the moment that Scratch accesses the extra-dimensional gateway, which by terrible coincidence turns out to be the N-Zone portal itself.

Sue follows Franklin into the chamber and is horrified to find her son suspended in an energy field emanating from the N-Zone. Reacting quickly she uses the Fantasti-flare to summon the rest of the Fantastic Four. As the team assembles in the chamber, it becomes clear that Franklin has become possessed by Scratch. Acknowledging that the Fantastic Four are inexperienced when it comes to such arcane matters, Reed dispatches Johnny to enlist the help of Dr. Strange, but as he leaves Scratch uses his powers to activate Reed's arsenal of experimental weapons and turn them against the Fantastic Four.

Across town in Greenwich Village, Johnny finds that the Doctor is not in, but his presence in the neighborhood is noticed by a passer-by who makes a phone call to the mysterious Gabriel, who appears to possess some empathy with the mystical happenings at the Baxter Building. With Johnny's return, the Fantastic Four manage to suppress Scratch's attack, enabling Sue to encase Franklin in a protective force field that enables the team to transport him to Whisper Hill. A short time later, at Agatha Harkness' mansion, the witch conducts a séance she hopes will shed light on the mystery. Gabriel arrives on the scene promising expertise in cases of possession. The group determined that a return to New Salem, scene of Scratch's banishment, is the best of course action to resolve the crisis and save Franklin's soul.


Continuity Notes

  • Reed Richards slaps his wife, Sue, here for the first time. The second time he hits her is in Fantastic Four #281.

Publication Notes

  • Starting with this issue, the cover price increases from 40 cents to 50 cents.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from Chris Wells, Kurt Olsson, and Clam Sawyer.

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