Quote1.png I'd lay down my own life before I'd let a villain like Scratch harm a hair on Franklin's head. Quote2.png
-- Reed Richards

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Synopsis for "That a Child May Live..."

As the Fantastic Four, Agatha Harkness, and the mysterious devil hunter Gabriel speed to Colorado and the town of New Salem in the Pogo Plane each of them broods on the events which have made their journey vital, while Sue concentrates on maintaining a force field around her son, the demonically possessed Franklin Richards.

In New Salem itself the members of Salem's Seven are contemplating their incarceration at the hands of the Fantastic Four when Nicholas Scratch takes possession of Brutacus and uses his powers to deliver his lackeys from the captivity so they can lay a trap for the fast approaching heroes. Once escaped, they use their various abilities to subdue the townspeople of New Salem. As the Fantastic Four arrive Scratch once again possesses Franklin, but Gabriel soon reveals that he himself is acting to dampen Scratch's influence by sheer force of will. The team are quickly surprised by Salem's Seven and eventually taken captive and removed to a place of sacrifice, whence Scratch aims to release the influence of the Dark Realm over the whole earth and release himself in the process.

Though physically restrained, Gabriel waits for the precise moment when Franklin's mind is completely open to harness the love of the Fantastic Four for Franklin, and use that energy as a weapon against Scratch. At the same time, both he and Agatha offer to sacrifice themselves to accomplish this. It's all too much for Scratch: unable to abide the thought of his mother's sacrifice he backs down and releases Franklin. As the Fantastic Four are reunited with Franklin, Agatha reveals that she will not be returning with the team to New York, but will stay on in New Salem.

Having relieved her son of his powers of witchcraft, she will stay behind to watch over him and Salem's Seven. The Fantastic Four bid a tearful farewell to Franklin's former governess but look forward to having Franklin with them on a permanent basis.


Continuity Notes

  • Agatha stays in New Salem, Agatha spends an extended period of time away from the Fantastic Four, not returning to them again until Fantastic Four #368.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from Paul Castroville, Robin Kincaid, and Brian S. Weintraub.

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