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Synopsis for "The Blind God's Tears"

Wiglif and Hrolf give the Fantastic Four a tour of the crystal dome's facilities, including the generator that processes Korgon's radiation into the heat required to sustain life. Brought before Korgon again, Reed agrees to help find a way to save the god's life and in spite of Wiglif's protests that it could be the FF themselves who are responsible for Korgon's illness the foursome are freed. Reed begins the long process of seeking a cure for Korgon's condition, and after a full day's work, the leader of the FF thinks he has the means to solve the problem, provided the FF have full and safe access to their powers again. Wiglif is suspicious, accusing the FF of trying to trick Korgon into restoring their powers so they can escape.

Korgon is having none of it and uses the nullifier machine on the team, giving them their powers back. Korgon also entrusts Hrolf with the Darkfield Rod that, 'in case of treachery', can reverse the process for good. In Asgard, Odin the All-Seeing ponders the machinations of Wiglif and the ways of those Vikings who used once to worship the Aesir but who now follow Korgon, and primes his son the Mighty Thor for a possible mission. Meanwhile, back inside the dome the FF prepare the sickly form of Korgon for the process Reed hopes will restore his health. On his command the machine is activated, and instead of absorbing Korgon's radiation, it returns it to the god. Korgon's almost lifeless form causes Hrolf to remind the FF that, should they have failed, they will be executed, but Reed insists that the process needs time to take effect. Suddenly Korgon stirs inside Sue's force filed and it appears that the process has been successful. Presented to the rest of Korgon's followers as heroes, a banquet is given in the FF's honour.

At the height of the festivities a pensive Reed leaves to seek out Korgon, unaware that Wiglif is following him. Korgon asks Reed to make him mortal again, saying that after a thousand years the burden of immortality is too much and that he would like to die a man. Reed is compassionate, and in spite of grave reservations, agrees to conduct the procedure. When Reed starts the procedure it soon becomes clear that the machine has been sabotaged and instead of removing Korgon's radiation it is actually enhancing it. Enraged, Korgon accuses Reed of betrayal and goes on berserk rage, unleashing his radiation on the FF in an attempt to kill them. As the followers come to the aid of their god, destruction rains on the crystal dome. Eventually Korgon subdues the FF and uses the Darkfield Rod to remove their powers. Thor comes to the rescue, and distracts Korgon long enough for Sue to use the Rod on her and her colleagues.

As Korgon goes insane with rage and threatens to destroy the dome, Wiglif's deception is revealed. Thor calls upon Odin for help and the Great Father intercedes, removing the excess energy that has caused Korgon's madness. Chastened and humbled, Korgon vows to repair and maintain the dome, and rule in future with wisdom, accepting his responsibility for his followers well-being. And with that the Fantastic Four take their leave.


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  • There is no letter page published this issue.

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Fantastic Four Vol 1 [1]


  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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