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-- Doctor Doom

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Synopsis for "This Land Is Mine!"

Doctor Doom has brought the Fantastic Four to Latveria to show them how the rule of Prince Zorba has led to the nations ruin. When the Fantastic Four question how Doom himself ruled with an iron fist, Doom explains that he did so to ensure that his people remained happy and productive. As they talk a young boy named Kristoff runs into Doom from behind. The woman's mother rushes out to the boy because it is dangerous to be out past curfew. However she is shocked to see that Doctor Doom is alive and well and kneels before her former monarch and praises his return to his people. When the Fantastic Four are still unconvinced if restoring Doom to power is the right thing to do, Doom has the woman tell what has happened in his absence. Kristoff's mother explains that following Doom's last defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four, Prince Zorba took over the Latverian throne, promising to install a democratic government eventually. However without the constant fear of Doctor Doom to keep the people of Latveria in line, the country still fell to crime and corruption. Zorba in turn put the country into a state of martial law and a curfew was put in place, one that was enforced by Doom's old Servo-Mechs.

With the woman's story now over, Doctor Doom promises that now that he is back, his people are now under his protection once more. Just then they are spotted by some of the Servo-Mech's who shoots Kristoff's mother in the back, killing her instantly. Doom and the Fantastic Four make quick work of the Servo-Mechs and are soon greeted by a group of townspeople who are shocked to see their former ruler back. One man, Josef, helps Doom and the Fantastic Four seek shelter so they can make plans to remove Zorba from the throne. There they are told that Zorba went from beneficent ruler to a total tyrant when he was unable to maintain Latveria's economic prosperity. Doom chimes in reminding his people that that was the case during the rule of Zorba's father, who ran a feudal monarchy that would have been absorbed by a surrounding nation had he not taken over. The Fantastic Four then begin to plan, knowing fully well that Zorba must be aware of their presence by now.

At the castle formally occupied by Doctor Doom, Prince Zorba has his men torture Doom's confidant Boris for information, but he passes out without saying a word. Zorba tells his men to cease as the old man is far too loyal to betray his former master. Zorba quickly loses his temper, furious over the fact that the people of Latveria have been fighting against the very freedom he had given them when he ousted Doom. Having had enough of rebellion, Zorba unleashes Doom's Killer Robots upon the people of the city. With the robots terrorizing the people, the Fantastic Four go out into the streets and begin fighting off these robots. Meanwhile, Doom slips away and enters Castle Doom. There he uses his secret passage ways to free Boris from his cell. Doom then confronts Zorba and easily overpowers the would be ruler. Zorba tells Doom that Latveria is his to rule by birth right and that so long as he lives, Doom has no right to the crown. Doom completely agrees with Zorba's contention....

... Later, when the Fantastic Four arrive they find no trace of Zorba and that Doctor Doom has reclaimed his home. Doom in turn thanks the Fantastic Four for their assistance and rewards them with leaving Latveria with their lives. The Fantastic Four have no choice but to comply because the inhibitor ray preventing them from attacking him is still in effect. Doom warns his old enemies that now that he has his nation back, he will refocus his energies on his ultimate goal: destroying the Fantastic Four.


Continuity Notes

  • Doctor Doom and Kristoff's mother recap the ousting of Doctor Doom that was done by the Fantastic Four and Prince Zorba in Fantastic Four #200 Which ended in Doom going mad and Zorba taking over. The people of Latveria began revolting against Zorba in Fantastic Four Annual #15, Doom's mind was restored in that very story and he has been trying to reclaim the Latverian throne ever since.
  • Following the death of Kristoff's mother here, young Kristoff becomes Doom's ward as seen in Fantastic Four #258.
  • The Fantastic Four all next appear in Dazzler #18 where Dazzler spends time with the FF And is given a device that will help amplify her powers.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from Paul R. Davis, Mark D. Childress, John A. Wilcox, Stu Krull, Mark Waldman, Mike Stafford and Richard & Wendi Pini.

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