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The Thing

Appearing in "The Avengers Take Over!"

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Synopsis for "The Avengers Take Over!"

Following his defeat, while battling the Hulk, the Thing pulls himself up and starts the fight anew as an army of soldiers and news crews watch. Watching this on television, Mister Fantastic tries to go into action but is still too weak from his illness to do anything. Out of concern, Sue calls for an ambulance and hands over the formulas that Reed had been working on, so the doctors can try to cure him. Also at the hospital is the Human Torch, who has been patched up following his failed battle with the Hulk. Realizing that the Hulk is still on a rampage, Johnny flames on and heads back into battle, despite his injury.

He catches up to the Thing and the Hulk, who are still brawling, and tries to lend Ben a hand. When the Hulk swats the two away, the soldiers step in by firing a mortar shell at the Hulk, but he easily deflects the shot. Johnny is winded after the conflict, and Ben tells him to stay put while he continues after the Hulk. As he plods along, Ben shrugs off an attempt by reporters to interview him. Meanwhile, the Hulk has retreated into the subway, where he commandeers a train to ride toward Avengers Mansion. When he arrives, he finds that the Avengers are waiting for him, and a battle breaks out. Outnumbered, the Hulk grabs Rick Jones and then flees the scene, unaware that the Wasp is following him.

Back at the hospital, the doctors have succeeded in formulating an antidote that instantly cures Mister Fantastic. The Fantastic Four regroup and head out to stop the Hulk, once and for all. They spot the Hulk on the street as he is stunned by the Wasp, who is using her Wasp's sting in his ear. Distracted, the Hulk is ambushed by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four at the same time.[Continuity 1] However, the two groups are uncoordinated and get in each other's way. During the confusion, the Hulk bounds onto a nearby construction site. After a brief squabble about who is best suited to stop the Hulk, both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four agree to work together. This time, the two teams proved too much for the Hulk.[Continuity 2] In the ensuing chaos, Rick tosses a gamma-ray treated capsule into the Hulk's mouth.[Continuity 3] This triggers a transformation into his alter-ego as he falls into the Hudson River. It's Bruce Banner who surfaces from the water and is swept away by the current.[Continuity 4]

In the aftermath of the battle, Rick is commended for his bravery and the Avengers and Fantastic Four part company as allies.


Continuity Notes

  1. This is the first time the Fantastic Four and the Avengers work together, but this is not the first time members of each team have interacted with each other: Mister Fantastic's earliest encounter with Tony Stark was depicted in Thor: First Thunder #3 prior to Stark becoming Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #39. Iron Man's first recorded contact with Reed was in Avengers: The Origin #3, and he later met the rest of the Fantastic Four in Avengers #3. In both instances, he was seeking assistance in capturing the Hulk. Likewise, Thor first met Reed in Thor: First Thunder #3, when Thor met with government officials who were nervous about his activities. He later was tricked into battling the Fantastic Four in Thor: First Thunder #5. Giant-Man first met the Fantastic Four in his previous identity of Ant-Man in Fantastic Four #16. This is the first recorded time that both the Wasp and Captain America have met the Fantastic Four. Rick Jones met the Fantastic Four during their previous clash with the Hulk in Fantastic Four #12.
  2. Thor states that Rick was training to be Captain America's partner after the death of his previous one. He is referring to the apparent death of Cap's wartime sidekick Bucky, who seemingly died trying to stop a drone plane launched by Baron Zemo circa 1945, as depicted in Avengers #4. However as per Captain America (Vol. 5) #8, Bucky had survived and had been recovered by the Russians, and had secretly been working as the operative known as the Winter Soldier for decades.
  3. Rick helps the Hulk escape in this story because prior to joining the Avengers in Avengers #1, Rick used to act at the Hulk's some-what sidekick, since Banner was transformed by the Gamma Bomb in Incredible Hulk #1.
  4. Banner clearly did not drown here, he reappears alive and well in Avengers #5.


  • This Marks the first time Captain America & The Incredible Hulk meet.

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