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Appearing in "The House That Reed Built"


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  • Paste-Gun
  • multi-phase electronic skeleton key

Synopsis for "The House That Reed Built"

Trying to prove himself as a solo villain again, the Trapster attempts to break in the Baxter Building. Floating down to the roof of the world-famous headquarters of the Fantastic Four by parachute, the Trapster's devices indicate that the scanners within the building have not detected his presence. When he lands, the security cameras begin to rise out of the floor, but he quickly blinds them with his paste gun. Using a device to hack into the roof hatch mechanisms, the Trapster breaches the entrance and enters the building. He appears in the hanger room and as he begins scoping out the area, he is unaware that the computers within the Baxter Building have scanned him and determined his identity. The computers mark him as a threat, and begin tracking him as he makes his way through the Baxter Building.

The Trapster then tries to access the elevators in the building but find that the will no operate. Unlocking the door to the stairs, the villain continues his descent into the heart of the Baxter Building. Becoming edgy from the constant silence, the Trapster almost shoots at his reflection when he catches it in a window, but continues his progress. As he continues his progress, the Baxter Building's computer systems continue to scan, detecting his paste gun as a weapon and initiating protocols to jam the weapon to prevent it from being used. When he reaches the door to Reed's lab, the Trapster is jolted with electricity when he tries to open it. Deciding to try and use his paste gun, he is shocked to find that it is no longer working. Making a run for it, the Trapster enters the residential area of the Fantastic Four's headquarters. There he is confronted by the robot H.U.B.E.R.T. who tells him that he is trespassing. Trying to make a break for it, the Trapster then slips on one of Franklin's toy cars. In a blind panic, the Trapster makes it to an elevator that actually works.

It takes him down to the reception area of the Fantastic Four's headquarters where he is greeted by Roberta. Unaware that she is really a robot, the Trapster tries to grab her but she easily throws him to the floor. As the Trapster begins to blackout from his impact with the floor, Roberta puts a call into the authorities to pick him up.

Appearing in "Home Are the Heroes"

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  • Beyonder's alien construct

Synopsis for "Home Are the Heroes"

At Avengers Mansion, the incredibly pregnant Sue Richards is checking on a meal being prepared by Edwin Jarvis, the Avengers butler, much to the horror of the Jarvis himself. Jarvis tells Sue to please not tamper with his cooking as the dish he is preparing is incredibly delicate. Sue leaves the kitchen and reflects on how tense things are. Thinking back to sometime earlier when she saw Reed, Johnny and Ben go off to investigate a strange energy reading in Central Park, when suddenly they vanished in a strange flash of light that was also seen by Alicia Masters, even though she is blind. Realizing that Alicia is scared, especially after getting out of the hospital following her attack by Annihilus, the two take the spare Fantasi-Car to investigate the situation. When they arrive in Central Park, Sue spots a massive construct that suddenly vanishes upon their arrival. Landing the Fantasti-Car, Sue spots the Vision, Mockingbird, Starfox, and the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers who had also come to investigate the situation. Based on the Vision's scans he has come to the conclusion that some force has kidnapped the other members of the Fantastic Four and members of the Avengers and taken them to somewhere off the planet.

With her recollection over, Sue is greeted by Alicia who has just arrived with Franklin. Sue agrees to take Franklin out for a treat. On their way out they bump into Mockingbird who expresses her growing concern over the disappearance of her husband and the others. Later, after Sue and Alicia get Franklin some ice cream they are walking in Central Park when Sue notices a bright glow from behind some trees. Turning invisible, she rushes out to see what is going on. As she reaches the clearing she spots Iron Man flying away from the area. Suddenly there is another flash of energy revealing Reed, Johnny and the She-Hulk. Much to Sue's surprise, She-Hulk is wearing a Fantastic Four uniform. Sue, Franklin and Alicia are then happily reunited with Johnny and Reed. When Alicia asks where Ben is, Johnny is about to tell her when Sue suddenly shrieks in pain as her body begins to painfully discharge radiation. Reed rushes to the aid of his wife who tells him that the sudden pain was caused by the baby. With no time to lose, Reed orders She-Hulk to carry Sue, while Johnny is sent ahead to Mercy General Hospital to warn them of their impending arrival.

Solicit Synopsis

With Reed and Sue in Connecticut, Johnny across town, and Ben out of town, nobody's home! Leaving the Baxter Building prey to... the terrible Trapster! And what macabre schemes he cooks up with no one to opposed him, the F.F. had better find out! Plus - more on those mysterious disappearances!


Continuity Notes

The House That Reed Built

Home Are the Heroes

  • This story follows the events of the first Secret Wars which saw the Beyonder kidnap heroes and villains from Earth and pit them against each other on Battleworld. This event was chronicled between Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #112. This is where Reed, Johnny and Ben have been between issues.
  • Sue was previously seen in Code of Honor #3 where she is seen providing information to the NYPD regarding the disappearance of Earth's heroes.
  • Jarvis makes his appearance here between New Mutants #15 and Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #90.
  • Sue's flashback takes place moments before Reed, Johnny and Ben were abducted by the Beyonder in Thing #10.
  • Sue recalls how Alicia was recently hospitalized after being tortured by Annihilus in Fantastic Four #261256. At this point in the story Alicia had been recovering in the hospital from those injuries in the pages of Thing #29.
  • Members of the Avengers are seen at the scene in Central Park, here are some facts on that:
    • The Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Starfox all appear here following the events of Avengers #242 where they were celebrating the wedding of Mockingbird and Hawkeye, just before the disappearance of a number of Avengers who were kidnapped by the Beyonder to take part in the Secret Wars.
    • Mockingbird at the time of this story had recently gotten married in Hawkeye #4. She last appeared in Captain America #292 prior to her husband being kidnapped by the Beyonder.
    • The Vision and Scarlet Witch next appear in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #90 where they encounter the Black Cat who is searching for Spider-Man, unaware that he was also kidnapped by the Beyonder.
    • Both Mockingbird and Starfox next appear in Avengers #243 when the other Avengers return from Battleworld.
  • The woman who appears with Franklin after Sue's flashback is not really Alicia Masters. As revealed in Fantastic Four #358, Alicia was replaced by a Skrull spy named Lyja who was on a deep cover mission to infiltrate the Fantastic Four. Lyja's cover is blown in that story.
  • Franklin's next chronological appearance is in Fantastic Four (Vol. 2) #7, where a later romp in Central Park is observed by his mother from a few years in his future.
  • "Alicia" makes mention of "her" long-lasting relationship with the Thing which has run consistently since they began dating in Fantastic Four #9.
  • Iron Man's appearance here is between his departure from Battleworld in Avengers #243 and his appearance in West Coast Avengers #4. It should be pointed out that this is not Tony Stark but James Rhodes, who took over as Iron Man after Stark's alcoholism got out of control back in Iron Man #169. Rhodes remained active as Iron Man until Iron Man #200.
  • What's unexplained here is the reason why the Thing is not with the Fantastic Four and why the She-Hulk has joined the group. As revealed in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #2, the Thing discovered that he could change back and forth between human and Thing forms on Battleworld and opted to stay there following the events of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12. His adventures on Battleworld are explored in Thing #1122.
  • Here are some facts about Sue's pregnancy seen here:
  • Johnny and Sue are next seen in Fantastic Four #265.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • In lieu of a letters page, a full-page ad is shown of the upcoming series Secret Wars.

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