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Appearing in "Central City Does Not Answer!"

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Synopsis for "Central City Does Not Answer!"

She-Hulk radios the Fantastic Four at their new headquarters to inform her boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot that Central City -- original home of the Fantastic Four -- is trapped in a massive black dome. She has come to investigate it with the West Coast Avengers, whom she was visiting at the time and has called in to get Reed's help trying to uncover the mystery of the dome that has ensnared the entire city. Wyatt tells Jen to stand by while he gets the rest of the team.

In another part of their headquarters, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Alicia are monitoring Kristoff Vernard, who is confined to a padded room within their headquarters. Still believing that he is Doctor Doom, Kristoff rants and raves like a madman at the camera monitoring him. When Alicia asks if there is anything they can do to restore young Kristoff's mind, Reed tells them that he is trying every known psychological technique to try to restore the boy's sanity, but so far nothing has succeeded. Johnny points out that even though Kristoff is a child, he has the genius of Doctor Doom himself and is a threat, and wonders how long they can keep him confined.

Their discussion is interrupted by Wyatt who comes to them with Jennifer's news about Central City. Soon they are off in the new long range Fantasti-Car. Along the way Sue expresses her continued dissatisfaction over the inattention they are giving Franklin and wonders what sort of life he will grow into because his parents are part of the Fantastic Four. Although Johnny tries to reassure his sister that Franklin will turn out all right, the group is still unease about the untapped potential of his growing mutant abilities. As the Fantastic Four put on full speed to get to Central City, Johnny tells Wyatt to strap in. Along the way, Johnny makes a comment about how his friend is in love with She-Hulk, an idea that Wyatt has not given much consideration until this moment.

Meanwhile, outside the dome, Iron Man has constructed a device that will open a rift in the dome so that he can investigate what is going inside. Iron Man opens the portal and dives in, only to come back out moments later with his armor severely damage and exhausted. When Tigra approaches him to see what happened, they learn that while Iron Man was gone for only a few seconds, three weeks passed on the other side of the dome -- and worse -- whoever is inside is violent. When She-Hulk suggests they get Iron Man's helmet off so he can breath better, Tigera tells her to back off. Wonder Man explains that it is a precaution because as it stands to maintain Iron Man's secret identity. With that, Wonder Man flies off with Iron Man in his arms get him the assistance he needs. As She-Hulk and Tigra watch his departure, they suddenly notice that the barrier has now begun to grow. She-Hulk goes up to the barrier to get a closer look, but as it begins to envelop her, she is horrified to find that no matter how hard she tries she cannot pull herself out. Tigra tries to help, but She-Hulk doesn't want her to get trapped easier and kicks the cat-woman aside as the dome sucks her completely inside.

When the rest of the Fantastic Four arrive, Tigra fills them in on what is going on. Reed comes to the conclusion that in order to take down the dome and save She-Hulk they must get inside. When they consider the amount of time that has passed in the 10 minutes that passed since She-Hulk entered the dome fifty years would have transpired on the other side. Sue is apprehensive about entering the dome because they could very well die of old age before they ever make it out. However after some discussion the entire team agrees to go into the dome. Fearing that it might have been the cause of the domes expansion, Reed foregoes using Iron Man's device instead suggesting that they all charge into the dome unaided. Before they enter, Wyatt steps in and tells them that he wants to go and learn if Jen is alive first hand.

With all the decision made, the Reed tells Tigra to stay behind to keep the Avengers informed. As the Fantastic Four prepare to enter the dome, Tigera notices something different about it. She shouts in surprise, but the Fantastic Four and Wyatt do not hear them as they have already leaped into the dome and passed through to the other side. Surrounded in darkness, Johnny flames up his hand to give them some light. They are shocked to see that they are on the outskirts of Central City, but a massive technological city has been built over top of it. Realizing that the citizens would have had to build upwards because of the dome in the thousands of years that have passed in dome-time. Sue quickly uses her powers to construct a staircase, and Johnny melts through the ceiling, giving them access to the other side. There they find massive spires that appear to be made of polished glass. However there is no sign of any people, let alone She-Hulk. The group then begins to look around for signs of life, and are surprised when they find a replica statue of the Baxter Building. When they pass around the corner they are shocked to see a massive statue in tribute to the original Fantastic Four.


Continuity Notes

  • Wyatt Wingfoot was last seen in Marvel Fanfare #37 out on a double date with She-Hulk, Johnny and "Alicia."
  • Kristoff has been imprisoned by the Fantastic Four since his defeat at during the events of Fantastic Four #378379.
  • Kristoff remains a prisoner of the Fantastic Four and is still incarcerated when seen again in Fantastic Four #304.
  • Sue is worried about Franklin's mutant powers in this issue, they recently began manifesting as precognitive dreams starting in Fantastic Four #286.
  • At this point in time, Iron Man's identity is secret to the general public. Of the heroes gathered there, Tigra learned Tony's identity in Avengers #216. Tony doesn't publicly reveal himself as Iron Man until Iron Man (Vol. 3) #55.
  • Tigra mentions how Wonder Man was in suspended animation. She is referring to his apparent demise in Avengers #9. While everyone thought him dead at the time, in reality Wonder Man went into a state of suspended animation. He was revived in Avengers #151. Based on the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, Wonder Man was in suspended animation for roughly four years in Marvel time.[1]
  • The statue of the Fantastic Four is modeled after the Fantastic Four circa Fantastic Four #3. The Thing is depicted as having lumpy, dinosaur-like skin. The Thing maintained this form between Fantastic Four #1 to about Fantastic Four #10. Marvel Two-In-One #50 explains that Ben continued to mutate over time until his form finally settled on the rock-like appearance that has become his trademark appearance.

Publication Notes

  • This marks the final issue Fantastic Four for writer/artist John Byrne, although the next two issues are based on his plot.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Forum. Letters are published from Peter Ranson, J.M. Smith, J. Shaver, Hal Bennett, and (Anonymous).


  • In this issue, the letters page reveals that they will no longer print or respond to anonymous letters.

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  1. Avengers #9 was published in 1964, "Year One" of the "Heroic Age" and Avengers #151 was published in 1976 which is considered "year four".
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